Rising Star Computer Startups: Spotlight on San Francisco’s Tech Scene

With the emergence of an array of remarkable startups, the computer industry in California continues to push the boundaries of innovation. This article shines a spotlight on recent startups headquartered in San Francisco that are revolutionizing the computer industry in unique and impactful ways. Incubated in 2020 or later, these companies are not just playing catch-up in the industrial scene; they are setting impressive precedents in their respective niches.

The state of California renowned as the hub of technological advancement, with San Francisco at its stride. The city unmatched in its ability to spawn startups that grow to become leaders in their respective fields. Engaging deeply with the myriad challenges the modern world presents, these startups are addressing issues ranging from improving work culture to enabling seamless app navigation and developing cutting-edge software systems.

With an eye to the future, the companies featured in this article represent a vibrant testament to the enormous potential that the Californian startup ecosystem still holds. With each venture characterized by a clear understanding of their respective industry challenges, innovative solutions, and impressive team backgrounds, the groundbreaking work of these startups places them firmly as movers and shakers within the Californian and global tech landscape.


Founded by Blake Hudelson, Healey Cypher, and Vaibhav Chauhan, BoomPop aims to foster strong company culture in a work-from-anywhere world. The startup allows workers to have fun and connect on a deeper level, regardless of their location. It is trusted and utilized by multinational companies like Apple, Nike, Google, Netflix, and more than 4,000 other corporations to keep their teams engaged. Its team comprises industry leaders from globally acclaimed organizations like Google, and Apple. Follow BoomPop on Linkedin.


CommandBar is the brainchild of James Evans, Richard Freling, and Vinay Ayyala. It allows users to add a command bar to their app with just a single line of code, facilitating easy GUI navigation. Hailing from San Francisco, this remarkable startup was founded in 2020. Follow CommandBar on Linkedin and Twitter.


Josh Lamerton and Stefan Gunnarsson’s PropTexx specializes in AI technology development for the real estate sector. The company improves online property listings quality using a range of proprietary algorithms and logic. Their numerous tech-driven products have been developed using AI, ML, and Deep Learning over many years by a dedicated professional team. Follow PropTexx on Linkedin.


CoFiX is a revolutionary computable trading system. It allows users to trade efficiently and effectively. Follow CoFiX on Twitter.


SimpleCircle, a startup in the business development, stand out in the computer industry with its digital marketing initiatives. The San Francisco based company helps businesses grow through strategic planning and application of software systems. Follow SimpleCircle on Linkedin.


Fouded by Andy Rankin and Fouad ElNaggar, Array, an information technology company, excels at developing computer software. Follow Array on Linkedin and Twitter.

Vert AI Inc.

Vert AI Inc., founded by Princeton Kwong, is a leader in deep learning and computer vision on edge and mobile platforms. The company has introduced VertALPR, a novel automatic license plate recognition system that operates fully on mobile platforms. Follow Vert AI Inc. on Linkedin.


Tallyfor is a software company in the architecture and accounting field. Follow Tallyfor on Linkedin.

Opus Match (Mylong)

Opus Match, also known as Mylong, was started by Billy Pham and Michael Nguyen. Follow Opus Match on Linkedin.


Radimal specializes in artificial intelligence, computer vision, health diagnostics, and veterinary services.


Enrole, a San Francisco-based startup, is a mobile application linking talent directly to recruiters via an algorithm-based interests, skills, and goal matching. Enrole aims to shift the focus from job search, to developing connections between recruiters and candidates. Follow Enrole on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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