SAGES Extends Partnership with Theator on Additional Video-Based Assessments

Theator, the creator of Surgical Intelligence, announced today that SAGES (The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons) has extended its use of Theator’s Surgical Intelligence Platform to further their development of psychometrically sound video-based assessments. 

The previously announced pilot agreement for laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication has been extended to include additional surgical procedure types. The renewed agreement is part of SAGES’ video-based assessment (VBA) program to measure competency for the relevant procedures. 

Theator’s Surgical Intelligence Platform is the only technology harnessing advanced AI and computer vision technologies to automatically and routinely capture and analyze previously untapped surgical video data in real time, providing surgical stakeholders with immediate actionable insights. Theator augments the quality of operative care by using data analytics to derive correlations between surgical moments and their post-operative outcomes, enabling medical institutions and professional societies to identify and disseminate surgical best practices.

“Theator has been a responsive, collaborative partner throughout our initial pilot phase, and they share our belief in innovation to surgical education,” said Matt Ritter, Chair of SAGES Education Council and project lead. “The performance of the platform and the responsiveness of the development team to meet our needs has been fantastic. We are thrilled to be able to extend our relationship and the use of their Surgical Intelligence Platform as we further develop our video-based assessments.”

“SAGES is one of the most technology-forward surgical societies. With this significant expansion, the organization’s leadership has reiterated their commitment to enhancing quality of care,” said Dr. Tamir Wolf, CEO and Co-founder of Theator. “SAGES understands that competency-based education and training is key to enhancing surgical care, elevating the standard of surgery for the benefit of surgeons and patients alike, and has committed itself to leading this paradigm shift. We’re excited to be pushing the envelope together, optimizing surgeon performance and patient care via Surgical Intelligence.”

Since the launch of the initial pilot program, Theator has completed its Series A funding round totaling $39.5 million, collaborated with Mayo Clinic and partnered with the Canadian Association of General Surgeons (CAGS), adding to the list of innovative medical institutions and professional societies adopting Surgical Intelligence. Last December, the company was named on CB Insights’ prestigious Digital Health 150 list of the 150 most innovative digital health startups worldwide, highlighting industry recognition of Surgical Intelligence as a distinct category for the first time. 

About Theator

Theator is pioneering the Surgical Intelligence revolution, harnessing advanced AI and computer vision technology to generate actionable insights which improve the quality of surgical care. By making routine video capture and analysis the standard of care in surgery, Surgical Intelligence derives never-before-seen-insights to help surgeons and hospital systems understand the causes of variability in patient outcomes and reduce it in the future, while also lowering costs and streamlining procedures in the OR. Theator is partnering with leading surgeons, hospitals, professional societies, and research institutions to create a smarter, more transparent operating room. Based in Palo Alto, California, the company is paving the path for real-time surgical decision-support, creating a stronger, healthier world. For more information, visit


The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) is a leading surgical society representing a global community of more than 7,000 surgeons bringing minimal access surgery and emerging techniques to patients worldwide. SAGES mission is to innovate, educate and collaborate to improve patient care with a vision of reimagining surgical care for a healthier world. For more information, go to

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