San Francisco’s Pioneers: The 15 Commercial Real Estate Startups Shaping the Future

Transforming the landscape of commercial real estate one innovation at a time

1. Doma
Bringing machine intelligence to the forefront, Doma is streamlining residential real estate transactions. With its insurtech platform, it aims to minimize hiccups in the home buying process.

2. OnePiece Work
Blending flexibility with networking, OnePiece Work provides office solutions while connecting tech innovators globally. A space where collaboration meets innovation.

3. Terrain Analytics
Encapsulated in three words – People. Places. Data. Terrain Analytics is harnessing data to bring fresh insights into the commercial real estate industry.

4. Pangeam Inc.
Empowering companies to navigate the complex challenges of real estate, Pangeam’s cloud-based SAAS platform is a game-changer.

5. Social Construct
On a mission to redefine housing, Social Construct pioneers new technologies to enhance the residential real estate scene.

6. Safe-Investing
A harmonious blend of FinTech and real estate, Safe-Investing offers a diverse platform spanning crowdfinding, SaaS, and more.

7. AvantSpace
Carving a niche in co-working spaces, AvantSpace presents a boutique experience in the heart of San Francisco.

8. Cookitoo
An innovative solution for food professionals, Cookitoo’s online marketplace is the go-to for renting unused kitchen spaces.

9. Prime Data Centers
Offering tailored data center developments, Prime Data Centers bridges the gap between technology and real estate with noteworthy tax advantages.

10. Touzi Capital
Maximizing the benefits of real estate investments, Touzi Capital ensures its clients enjoy tax reliefs and consistent passive income.

11. Hatch Data
With its cutting-edge software platform, Hatch Data is revolutionizing building operations performance management in commercial real estate.

12. BeyondHQ
As remote work takes center stage, BeyondHQ is mastering workforce and workplace planning for distributed teams.

13. Bullpen
Dedicated exclusively to the commercial real estate sector, Bullpen is the ultimate freelancer marketplace.

14. Smart Capital Center
Speed and affordability define Smart Capital Center, offering rapid property valuation and financing for real estate investors.

15. Out Of Office
Supporting the remote work culture, Out Of Office designs apps to help remote workers connect and find their ideal workday community.

These startups are leading the charge in reshaping the commercial real estate sector in San Francisco. With innovative solutions and groundbreaking platforms, the future of the industry is indeed promising.

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