Scrum Studio’s Well-BeingX Program: Nurturing Startups for a Healthier Tomorrow

Key Takeaways:

  • Scrum Studio Inc. reveals the 12 startups selected for the second year of the Well-BeingX open innovation program.
  • Collaborating with renowned Japanese corporations, the program focuses on fostering startups that offer well-being-enhancing products and solutions.
  • The chosen startups aim to address critical areas such as Women’s Health, Nutrition and FoodTech, and Senior Care and Inclusive Tech.
  • Notable startups in this year’s program include Tuktu, an AI platform supporting seniors, and Croix Co., renowned for its healing sound treatments.

About Scrum Studio’s Well-BeingX Program:

Scrum Studio Inc., a prominent open innovation platform, is proud to announce the names of the 12 startups selected to participate in the second year of its groundbreaking Well-BeingX open innovation program. The initiative, conducted in partnership with esteemed Japanese corporations like Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, Tokyo Tatemono Co., Japan Tobacco Inc., Hakuhodo Inc., and Lion Corp., strives to foster novel business opportunities by collaborating with startups that focus on enhancing well-being.

In its sophomore year, the program maintains a steadfast commitment to promoting well-being through innovation. This year’s theme revolves around addressing crucial aspects of health and wellness, with a specific focus on Women’s Health, Nutrition and FoodTech, as well as Senior Care and Inclusive Tech.

Showcasing Innovators for a Healthier Tomorrow:

The Well-BeingX program has attracted an exceptional lineup of startups, each offering unique solutions to tackle the challenges of our time. Among the chosen cohort is Tuktu, a Canada-based startup that utilizes AI technology to provide empathetic and family-like support to seniors and individuals requiring assistance. Tuktu’s innovative approach aims to bridge the gap in senior care, fostering independence and well-being.

Another notable participant is Japan’s Croix Co., recognized for its healing sound treatments that harness the power of music, nature sounds, and video content to promote sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Croix Co.’s creative approach to enhancing well-being through soothing auditory experiences adds a distinctive dimension to the program.

Scrum Studio’s Perspective:

Michael Proman, a representative from Scrum Studio, expresses enthusiasm about the diverse and inventive startups joining the Well-BeingX program’s second edition. He remarks, “Individual well-being has become one of the most important issues of our time, and through this program, we’ve already worked with more than 37 startups that are addressing the most pressing issues impacting well-being worldwide. We are particularly excited about launching this second-year program with new startups that are reimagining how to support well-being.”

A Path Towards Co-Creation and Innovation:

The selected startups will now embark on a collaborative journey with their Japanese partner companies, supporter companies, and observer municipalities. This collaboration will involve strategic business co-creation initiatives, with the pinnacle being a much-anticipated “Demo Day” scheduled for December 2023. During this event, the startups will present their innovative solutions, marking the culmination of their efforts within the Well-BeingX program.

Scrum Studio’s Endeavors:

Scrum Studio, Inc. stands as a beacon of open innovation, fostering partnerships between renowned Japanese corporations and startups worldwide. The platform’s approach rests on three pivotal pillars: acceleration, incubation, and connection. Their diverse portfolio of vertical studio programs, including SmartCityX and Food Tech Studio – Bites!, underscores their commitment to driving innovation and creating new avenues for business growth.

About Scrum Ventures:

Scrum Ventures is a forward-thinking early-stage venture firm with a base in San Francisco and a growing presence in Tokyo. Leveraging their entrepreneurial acumen and extensive network in Japan, Scrum Ventures plays an active role in supporting the global growth and success of their portfolio companies.

Shaping the Future of Well-Being:

Scrum Studio’s Well-BeingX program exemplifies the fusion of innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of well-being. By nurturing startups that cater to critical areas of health and wellness, Scrum Studio underscores its commitment to shaping a healthier, more connected world. Through the platform’s initiatives, the power of entrepreneurship and collective effort converges to forge a path towards a brighter and more well-balanced future.

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