California’s Emerging Brand Marketing Startups: Spotlight on Ontario HQs

The Californian state is known for its progressive innovation and technological advancements. A hub for entrepreneurs, visionaries, and innovators, it continues to be a fertile ground for emerging startups. In this feature, we spotlight the early-stage Brand Marketing companies headquartered in the radiant City of Ontario. These companies, established in 2020 onwards, are breaking new ground in their industry and positioning themselves as leaders in their field.

The startups showcased in this piece include a broad spectrum of industries all revolving around the Brand Marketing sector. From agencies specializing in retail marketing to those providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions, these companies are changing the narrative of brand marketing and content creation.

They are fostered by an environment that encourages innovation, these Ontario-based startups epitomize the dynamic and forward-thinking spirit of the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Read on to learn more about these remarkable companies and what they offer.

Match Retail

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Match Retail is a premier sales, merchandising, and branded retail agency behind some of the top brands across North America. Despite being recent players in the Brand Marketing space, they’ve swiftly made their mark. Stay updated by visiting their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Ensiha Digital

Ensiha Digital, located in Toronto, is a fresh industry player offering services in Brand Marketing, Content, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Advertising, and more. You can follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay in the loop of their latest updates.

GreenX media

Based in Hamilton, GreenX media combines creativity with their expert knowledge in Advertising, Brand Marketing, SEO, and Web Design to deliver quality solutions. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn more about their engaging services and latest updates.

Agency 46

Agency 46, founded in Toronto by entrepreneur Daniel Berger, caters to a wide range of digital services including Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Social Media Management. You can connect with them via their official LinkedIn account.

One Stop Digital Inc

Founded by innovator Hridayram Shenoy, One Stop Digital Inc offers a comprehensive solution for all your digital marketing needs. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to stay updated on their latest services and offerings.


369Konnect, an ambitious startup in the Advertising and Brand Marketing space, is igniting growth in the city of Toronto. Stay updated with their services by following their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


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