California’s Top Emerging Collectibles Startups: Spotlight on Golden State Innovators

The booming interest in collectibles, driven by the resurgence of interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the digitization of various forms of media, has given birth to various noteworthy startups in California. The state, renowned for being a global hub of technological innovation, is home to several startups that have ventured into the world of digital collectibles. The following companies have been founded in or after 2020 and are making significant strides in shaping the future of the collectibles industry.

We will be shedding light on these new players that have emerged in the collectibles scene. These companies, located in extraordinarily diverse areas such as Santa Monica, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and Santa Barbara are working on creating unique digital collections, exciting experiences, providing access to financial data, and much more. Thus, these startups are breaking boundaries and disrupting the industry, all while being situated in the heart of California.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, established business, investor, or observer, it’s vital to keep your finger on the pulse of the startups ecosystem. Several innovative companies are sprouting across various industries, reshaping landscapes, and unlocking unprecedented possibilities. Here are some significant new startups in California’s collectibles industry.


Located in Santa Monica, Autograph is a startup founded by Dillon Rosenblatt, Josh Payne, and Tom Brady. It operates within the intersection of blockchain, collectibles, media and entertainment, and sports. Autograph aims to revolutionize the concept of fandom by combining iconic brands and legendary names to create unique digital collections and experiences. Adapting a streamlined and inclusive process, the company hopes to foster authentic and creative products through exclusive partnerships. Catch up with the updates from this NFT platform by following Autograph on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Based in San Francisco, Faze is an intriguing startup founded by Anshum Bhambri and Kushagra Kohli. The company has positioned itself within the realm of collectibles, cricket, and sports. Faze has launched a Cricket NFT platform where fans can interact with cricket through NFTs. Combining numerous engaging elements like NFTs, gaming, and real-world experiences, Faze aims to create a platform that allows fans to collect, use, play, and interact authentically. You can connect with Faze on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tradeup Exchange

Tradeup Exchange, established by Kalvin Kazemi and Paolo Shamoon, is based in Los Angeles. It is a platform that enables trading card collectors to swap cards with each other securely and without marketplace fees. Operating within the collectibles, e-commerce, e-commerce platforms, the internet, and trading platform sectors. Connect with Tradeup Exchange on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels.

Archivist Dao

The Archivist DAO is a Los Angeles-based company operating across several industries: art, blockchain, collectibles, cryptocurrency, fashion, and fintech. The Archivist DAO strives to preserve the most culturally impactful digital and physical assets in street culture, curate future creators and collections, and provide financial benefits to their community and token holders. The company believes in cherishing and celebrating rich underlying history. Learn more about them from their Twitter.

Founded by Yannier Lesende in 2021, XRPL.TO is based out of Palo Alto, California. The company operates in the apps, blockchain, collectibles, financial exchanges, and software industries. They offer accurate and timely data to the XRP Ledger community, allowing informed decision-making. They believe in providing transparent data as the basis for conclusions and interpretations. Find out more or get in touch via their Twitter handle.


Xmint, nestled in Santa Barbara, California, is a web3 consumer-focused software platform and marketplace building the next generation of art, media, and entertainment. Operating within the realms of apps, blockchain, collectibles, e-commerce, software, and virtual goods, Xmint caters to the contemporary needs of the digitized world. You can follow Xmint on LinkedIn to stay updated.

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