California’s Rising Cloud Computing Stars Headquartered in Ontario

Welcome to Beststartup California’s series highlighting startups within the state of California. This article will be showcasing startups that began in 2020 or later and are operating in the Cloud Computing industry with headquarters located in Ontario. We will be diving into the revolutionary companies that are utilising advanced technologies and innovative business models to shape the future of the industry.

The following startups have transformed the cloud computing space in Ontario and beyond, proving that they have what it takes to stand out in a crowded industry. With several companies listed in this article, you’re sure to find emerging startups worth keeping an eye on.

Now, let us delve into the world of these startups to see how they are redefining the industry and enhancing our digital space. In no particular order, the startups are:

MSP Corp

With headquarters in Guelph, Ontario, MSP Corp was founded by Jason Dacosta and Ravi Ramharak. They are a vital player in the Cloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, Information Technology, IT Management, and Software industries. MSP Corp acquires and partners with high-performing Managed Service Providers in Canada and the United States to provide resources, technology, and business support to empower exceptional MSP teams. They enable the best to be even better. Connect with MSP Corp on Linkedin.

Arc Compute

Arc Compute is a Toronto-based cloud provider founded by Arthur Rasmusson and Justin Ritchie. Developing custom GPU-accelerated infrastructure solutions, they are making strides in the Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, and Software industries. Connect with Arc Compute on Linkedin and Facebook.

80 Galaxy

From Toronto, 80 Galaxy is making its mark in the Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Information Services, SaaS, and Web Hosting spheres. You can find out more about 80 Galaxy on their Linkedin page.


Datanaya is another Toronto-based company specializing in Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Internet of Things, and Software. Visit their Linkedin page for more insights or follow them on Facebook.


Founded in Toronto, Ontario by Charles Cao in 2021, FilSwan develops a storage and computing infrastructure layer for Web3. It offers a complete solution that enables web3 developers to integrate decentralized storage, edge computing, and payment across multiple chains with ease. Check FilSwan out on Linkedin.


Last but not least, Functionland, based in Toronto, was founded by Aaron Maines, Arman Shirani, Ehsan Shariati, and Erfan Shekarchi. They aim to disrupt traditional cloud storage and challenge the subscription-based model by enabling users to easily share storage and compute resources. Connect with Functionland on their Linkedin page.

In conclusion, these startups are not only making a name for themselves in the Cloud Computing industry but are also reshaping the way we leverage technology in our everyday lives. As their influence grows, we can expect to see even more breakthroughs and innovative solutions, ensuring that the future of Cloud Computing in California remains bright.

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