Emerging San Francisco Startups Redefining California’s Cloud Management Sector

California has always been a hotspot for startups, especially those in the rapidly growing Cloud Management industry. The year 2020 was no different, leading to the inception of several new companies that promise to revolutionize cloud management. In this article, we highlight some of these startups, all based in San Francisco, California, that are making strides in the cloud management field. They are harnessing California’s ever-present entrepreneurial spirit and innovative atmosphere to push the boundaries of what’s possible with cloud management.

These startups are at the cutting edge of Cloud Management technology. They combine a deep understanding of industry needs with a sharp focus on the latest advancements in cloud technologies. This mixture of industry knowledge and technological prowess has them poised to redefine the industry. Furthermore, their San Francisco location gives them access to some of the world’s top tech talent and venture capital.

Over the next year, these startups are predicted to experience exponential growth as their products and services continue to mature and become integral parts of businesses across the globe. We expect they will be key players in driving cloud management innovations in the coming years. On that note, let’s explore these startups in more detail.

Dystopia Labs

Dystopia Labs is a startup studio that helps blockchain projects run smoothly. The company was founded in 2020 by Hsin-Ju Chuang and is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. It operates in the Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cloud Management industries. Feel free to follow their updates on their LinkedInand catch them on Twitter.


Founded in 2020 by Johnny Dallas and Zihao Zhang, Zeet is a developer-focused application platform that deploys any code or app to AWS, GCP, and other cloud providers. The company is based in San Francisco, California, United States and is known for providing the best cloud-native DevOps configuration. Get to know them more on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Cloudthread is a cloud analytics platform that helps developers create cost-effective apps. The company, founded in 2020 by Daniele Packard, Ilia Semenov, and Thomas Yopes, is based in San Francisco, California. Learn more about them on LinkedIn and visit their Twitter and Facebook pages.


Keibi is a SaaS platform that helps manage, assess, and secure your cloud. Their toolset engages Product, Engineering, Operations, and Security teams to contribute to more secure products. They are based in San Francisco, California, and work in the Cloud Computing, Cloud Management, Cyber Security, Information Technology, SaaS, and Software sectors.

Albert Invent

Albert Invent is a platform that accelerates the innovation of new materials by providing R&D organizations with data insights and tools. Located in San Francisco, California, they work in the Advanced Materials, Chemical, Cloud Management, and Software industries. Track Albert Invent on their LinkedIn.


Middleware is a unified cloud-native observability and monitoring platform for DevOps, engineers, IT operations teams, and business users. Under the leadership of Laduram Vishnoi, they provide a complete view of another company’s technology stack. They are located in San Francisco, California, and operate in the Cloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, and Cloud Management sectors. Get more updates on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In conclusion, California continues to be a fertile ground for startups in the cloud management industry. The highlighted companies bring fresh and innovative ideas to create a significant shift in the cloud management landscape. We anticipate that these startups will continue to grow and become leaders in their niche, shaping the future of Cloud Management. Watch this space for more updates on these and other exciting startups coming up in California.

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