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Divorce Bob Launches To Make Divorce More Affordable

An innovative new website Divorce Bob has launched this year in order to streamline, and simplify, the emotionally and financially difficult ordeal of filing for divorce.

For the hundreds of thousands of Americans who divorce every year, the process of dissolving a marriage can take a huge emotional and financial toll. Not only are you separating from your once-lifelong partner, you are also suddenly hit with a complicated and daunting legal process that can also involve a degree of bitterness and resentment for both parties involved.

Divorce Bob has been launched this year with the explicit mission to alleviate this considerable stress. According to its website, Divorce Bob aims to “modernize and streamline the divorce process, making it accessible, understandable, and manageable for everyone”.

Divorce Bob, working with its various partners, has simplified the process of filing for divorce into a series of easy-to-understand online forms that guide the applicant through every step of the filing process. “We want to take the stress and hardships away from divorce,” says founder Daniel Tannenbaum.

As opposed to traditional means of starting the process of divorce, say at a legal office, Divorce Bob’s all-online process can be completed anywhere, with a mobile, laptop, or tablet. It is a distinctly modern, distinctly digital approach to divorce proceedings.

The process takes the myriad of complex factors that must be considered in divorce- child custody, spousal support, property division, state-specific regulations- and simplifies them into a series of accessible, understandable forms. “With user-friendly forms and step-by-step guidance, we make it easy for you to complete and submit your divorce papers from the comfort of your home,” the website continues.

The process thus aims to reduce the need for legal intervention in the form of expensive attorneys and court processes. By doing so, Divorce Bob seeks to save time and money for those involved in the difficult process of divorce.

Not only this, but the site is packed with resources and tools to help individuals struggling with the emotional and financial toll of divorce. There are extensive, detailed, and state-specific guides to help individuals understand the often complex process of divorce, as well as articles dealing with the emotional strain of the end of a partnership. Their team of experts have packed the site with helpful information, making the platform far more than just an exercise in form-filling.

Divorce Bob also aims to foster a supportive network of people that are going through, or have recently experienced, the divorce process. It aims to create a space for others to share their experience, as well as offer advice and encouragement to people who are currently going through the process.

Divorce is difficult. There’s no getting around it. It is a daunting experience that can loom over your life long after all the papers have been filed. With Divorce Bob, however, that process has just been made so much easier, quicker, and more affordable. Those contemplating a divorce may breathe a sigh of relief, as the legal and financial logistics have just been made far simpler. It is an exciting development and one to watch.

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