Spotlight on San Jose: Emerging Cloud Computing Startups in California

San Jose, California, known as the heart of Silicon Valley, is no stranger to innovation and forward thinking. The city is teeming with burgeoning startups that have made a substantial impact on the global business landscape. More specifically, the city has been a hotbed for companies in the cloud computing industry. The following local startups, all established in 2020 or later, are some of the standout enterprises revolutionizing cloud technology.


located in San Jose, is a cloud management, cloud computing, and software firm focused on maintaining a secure and active infrastructure. The company excels in scanning, reporting, and resolving cloud security challenges by automating security to reduce human errors. Their services include extended detection and response, Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), data analytics, and reporting. By offering comprehensive visibility of cloud assets, quick validation of safety and compliance, and automated repair of cloud misconfigurations, ArcaWorx strives to reduce blind spots and remediation delays.


another tech firm based in San Jose, serves as a collaborative notebook platform allowing teams to utilize and visualize data collectively. By appealing to realms of analytics, big data, business information systems, business intelligence, and cloud computing, Noteable delivers a platform to make data digitization more seamless and collaborative


Another San Jose-based startup Grandeur, founded in 2020, bills itself as the Backend as a Service (BaaS) platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). By providing developer tools and internet solutions, Grandeur is dedicated to bolstering the capabilities of IoT in the cloud computing industry.

Tabular Technologies

yet another startup based in the heart of Silicon Valley, is changing the analytics game by creating an independent data automation platform. By using the open-source standard for large analytic datasets, Apache Iceberg, Tabular has positioned itself as a leader in data integration.

Anemoi Software

San Jose-based Anemoi Software has excelled in uniting 3D technology, cloud computing, electronics, and software. The company provides engineers with thermal and power management software that allows for the simulation and analysis of 3D electronic systems – a crucial tool for heat distribution modeling, path-finding analysis, trend analysis, and more.


Cloudegic, a cloud computing company also located in San Jose, provides IT management solutions and offers developer APIs. With a focus on supporting developers and managing IT infrastructure, Cloudegic is helping to shape the future of cloud computing.

These startups demonstrate the drive, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit that define San Jose. Here in the heart of Silicon Valley, these businesses continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the cloud computing industry.

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