California’s Innovating Startups Shaping The Future Of Cloud Data Services

California continues to be an epicenter of innovation, and the state’s startups are leading the charge into a variety of industries, one of which is Cloud Data Services. Companies operating in this highly competitive field are redefining how businesses utilize and gain insights from their data. In this article, we shine a spotlight on promising startups in the Cloud Data Services industry that started in 2020 or later, with headquarters in California.

Given the expansion of remote work and digital transformation trends, cloud data services have become a focal point for many businesses. These startups are combining novel technologies and promising strategies to help businesses manage, secure, and utilize their data more effectively. From cloud-native platforms to AI-driven workflows, these startups address a wide range of challenges businesses face when dealing with data in the cloud.

The companies featured here offer solutions in various areas such as cloud infrastructure, security, analytics, IT, and more. They represent some of the best and most innovative players in the Cloud Data Services industry.


Based in Santa Clara, California, Amberflo is a firm specializing in cloud metering and usage-based pricing and billing. Founded in 2020 by Puneet Gupta, Amberflo’s platform enables real-time metering of usage and modern usage-based pricing plans. Their aim is to help companies deliver delightful Product-Led Growth (PLG) engagement while maximizing revenue and adoption. Connect with them on Linkedin.


Cyera, headquartered in San Mateo, California, is next-generation data security platform. Established in 2021, Cyera provides visibility into a company’s data, identities and access while delivering valuable insights improve data protection. Find out more about Cyera on Linkedin.


Operating out of San Francisco, Datafold offers tools for automating analytical data quality management. Datafold helps businesses realize more from their analytical data by automating Data Engineering workflows such as data quality monitoring. Follow them on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Based in San Francisco, Theom provides IT solutions focused on cloud and data security services. Founded in 2020, Theom’s platform reveals risks to data loss and prioritizes corrective actions. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.


EdgeCloudLink, located in Mountain View, California, engages in class modular data centers for cloud and EdgeCloud deployments. Currently operating in stealth mode, they represent the cutting edge of data center technology.


Coverself, situated in San Francisco, develops a cloud-native platform for analyzing and executing payment integrity programs. Its platform adapts to claims and payment inaccuracies, reducing complexity and administrative costs. You can find more about Coverself on LinkedIn.


PatternAI, based in Menlo Park offers an intelligent machine that assists businesses with important tasks like attending Zoom calls and transcribing notes. It can also analyze business data from your SaaS apps automatically. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Mozart Data

San Francisco based Mozart Data provides an out-of-the-box data stack that helps to consolidate, organize, and prepare data for analysis. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Snowcat Cloud Inc.

Based in San Diego, Snowcat Cloud Inc. is a hosted Snowplow platform built to deliver reliable, secure behavioural data at scale. Follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn.


CloudAEye, based in Fremont, offers AI-driven SaaS workflows for intelligent cloud operations. The platform surfaces anomalous services, reducing mean time to detect and repair. Follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Kimberlite Partners

Kimberlite Partners, a proud San Jose-based company, is focused on enabling managed services for solution providers and software publishers. Learn more about Kimberlite Partners on LinkedIn.

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