California’s Rising Art Startups Creating Waves in Los Angeles Scene

Welcome to the latest edition of Beststartup California. As part of our commitment to put a spotlight on innovators and trailblazers within the Golden State, this article focuses on the up-and-coming startups located in Los Angeles, that are stirring exciting waves in the Art industry. Established in 2020 and beyond, these startups represent the dynamism and creativity that is so prevalent within California’s vibrant art scene.

The art industry is undergoing a thrilling digital transformation, with technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics offering groundbreaking ways of reshaping traditional art processes and experiences. Here, we pour over the innovative Los Angeles-based companies driving this change, scrutinizing the work they are doing and the services they offer.

Whether implementing robotics to aid task automation or leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to redefine customer experiences, these startups are diligently combining art and technology to reimagine the industry. Let’s delve into these innovative companies shaking up the Los Angeles art scene.

GrayMatter Robotics

Founded by Ariyan Kabir, Brual Shah, and Satyandra Gupta, GrayMatter Robotics is an innovative startup that specialises in creating solutions to aid humans in their completion of arduous tasks. The company engineers robotic brains for industrial robots, thus allowing these machines to transform into intelligent assistants for a variety of manufacturing applications. Learn more about this creative venture on their Facebook and LinkedIn.


Through the cutting-edge combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Concrete-AI delivers cost-efficiency and environmental consciousness in concrete production. This data-focused startup designs and proportions optimal concrete for various construction applications, considering performance, compliance, as well as economic and ecological impacts.


Fast, non-invasive, and free of radiation, Perimetrics introduces a game-changing approach to diagnostics that make use of AI and Quantitative Percussion Diagnostics. Stay updated with their innovative strides on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Future State Brands

Helmed by founder Drake Sutton-Shearer, the visionary Future State Brands intersect the realms of art, beauty, cryptocurrency, and wellness. This multi-platform brand redefines the concept of commerce with their ingenious integration of diverse sectors.


With the innovative leadership of Alessandro Maggi, Ecate is sculpting a new frontier in tech with their development of an organo-robotic interface. This smart tool combines human and machine intelligence, pioneering a revolutionary solution for Tomorrow’s challenges. Follow them on LinkedIn for more insider updates.

Impact Museums

Founders Diana Rayzman, Josh Jacobs, and Mark Shedletsky conceptualized Impact Museums as a nexus of art, entertainment, and social advocacy. This innovative studio creates meaningful experiences and promotes participation through outstanding storytelling strategies. Explore their groundbreaking projects further on their Facebook and LinkedIn.


At the creative helm of Wang Liang and Zhuo Xu, Surreal harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to generate captivating, subversive content creations. Be it revolutionizing content delivery or charting new avenues in creative expression, follow them on LinkedIn for latest updates.

Y Meadows

Founded by Alan Rich, Y Meadows is a dynamic startup merging the spheres of artificial intelligence, software production, and business solutions, creating an amalgamation of tech innovation and economic savvy. You can learn more about this trailblazing venture on their Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Tony Thai, HyperDraft is pioneering the generation and analysis of legal documents with AI-powered tools. This LA-based startup aims to streamline legal workflows and eliminate redundant tasks, offering personalized modules for different practice areas. For more insights, follow them on LinkedIn.


Revolutionizing the streaming industry, Streamwise offers an enterprise SaaS platform that centralizes and standardizes data for content distributors. It provides actionable business intelligence, making daily decision-making more efficient. Find out more about this innovative company on their Facebook and LinkedIn.


Temper, founded by Matt Mayberry and T Dalton Combs, offers products combining AI-powered digital coaching, bio-monitoring, and a revolutionary appetite suppressant that makes intermittent fasting easier by managing hunger. Stay updated with their developments on Facebook and LinkedIn.

To wrap up, the Los Angeles art scene is in exciting times as startups and companies continue to leverage technology to disrupt and reshape the industry. These innovative organizations are not only reforming the way art is considered but are also creating new opportunities and possibilities within the field.

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