Emerging App Startups: San Francisco’s New Breed of Californian Innovators

In recent years, California has served as a hotbed for potential startups across all industries. In particular, San Francisco has seen an explosion of ambitious and intrepid enterprises in the world of apps and tech. Founded in 2020 or later, the companies listed below highlight the diversity of the newest entrants to the city’s vibrant startup environment.

These startups span multiple industries within the larger world of apps, from blockchain web development to children’s mental health care. Despite the breadth of vision and purpose encapsulated within these startups, they share a willingness to challenge traditional boundaries and develop innovative platforms and offerings.

Close scrutiny of these startups, their founders, and their products offers fascinating insights into the world of tech and demonstrates the dynamic nature of the vibrant application industry. Below we throw the spotlight on some of San Francisco’s pioneering app startups that came into existence in 2020 or later.


Founded by Furqan Rydhan and Steven Bartlett, thirdweb is an all-in-one developer tool aimed at accelerating teams that are building web3 apps, games, tokens, NFTs, marketplaces, DAOs, and more. Powered by San Francisco’s bustling tech scene, the company offers transformational SDKs for developers, allowing them to build web3 apps and deploy custom or pre-built smart contracts. Find them on LinkedIn

Little Otter

Little Otter, a children’s mental health company, was founded by Helen Egger and Rebecca Egger. The company’s app focuses on the mental health of children and their families, making it simple to connect with qualified providers right from your phone. Find them on LinkedIn


Brendan Falk and Matt Schrage founded Fig, an innovative startup that is working to make the terminal more accessible to beginners, more efficient for advanced engineers, and more collaborative for teams. Find them on LinkedIn


Founded by James Evans, Richard Freling, and Vinay Ayyala, CommandBar allows users to add a command bar to their app with one line of code. Find them on LinkedIn


The founding duo of Alejandro Oropeza and François Chu brought flavrs, a shoppable video platform for foodies, to life. They collaborate with renowned chefs and food creators to provide premium recipe tutorials. Find them on LinkedIn


Sanlo, a fintech firm co-founded by Olya Caliujnaia and William Liu, believes that every gaming company should have access to the advice and money they need to grow. Find them on LinkedIn


Michael Perry and Mike Taylor co-founded Maple to help parents build daily and weekly personalized plans for their children. Find them on LinkedIn


Playbook, founded by David Hegarty, is an app that has been designed to simplify growing your money and optimizing your taxes. Find them on LinkedIn


Founded by Andreas Homer, Ari Sawyers, and Ebby Amir, Aerial is a platform that simplifies and enhances sustainable lifestyles by offering superior carbon footprint management. Find them on LinkedIn


Focused on enhancing online communication using voice messages, Mote was founded by Alex Nunes and Will Jackson. Find them on LinkedIn


Foumnded by Koustubha Deshpande, Simplified is a one-stop platform where freelancers and entrepreneurs can collaborate, scale and grow their content without any worries.

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