Emerging Bioinformatics Startups Making Waves in California’s Tech Scene

The Bioinformatics industry is booming and California is undoubtedly the breeding ground for startups in this sector. Incepted in 2020 or later, several new Bioinformatics startups have made their mark with innovative products, services, and technological advancements. The following companies, all headquartered in California, represent the new wave of Bioinformatics startups contributing to continuous growth and disruption in this industry.

These startups, featuring top-notch talent in the fields of genetics, biotechnology, health diagnostics, medical devices, and information technology, are making a compelling impact on our healthcare system. As they continuously work towards improving public health, they provide optimal solutions to major health concerns using state-of-the-art technologies.

Let’s explore these remarkable startups and learn more about their efforts towards revolutionizing the Bioinformatics industry.

Ventura Ventures

Founded by Samir Malhotra, Ventura Ventures is headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA. It specializes in bioinformatics, Biopharma, Biotechnology, Genetics amongst others. For further information, you can follow them on LinkedIn.


Established in Los Angeles by Chris Pham, Dr. Mike Fang, John Mickel, Joseph Mickel, PathoGene is an up-and-coming startup in the Bioinformatics industry. They are currently developing a diagnostic medical device for identifying microscopic human pathogens. Connect with PathoGene on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Alex Rochegude, Sajung Yun, Sijung Yun, Predictiv is based in Mountain View, CA. It’s the first DNA-base Digital Twin to predict and prevent over 22,000 diseases and simulate personalized reactions. Keep up-to-date about Predictiv on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Oshun Medical

Oshun Medical, founded by Barbara Levy and Stevie Cline, focuses on advancing health of women based in San Francisco, California. Follow Oshun Medical on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Located in San Francisco, LatchBio was established by Alfredo Andere, Kenny Workman, Kyle Giffin. They are working towards building open-source machine learning and cloud infrastructure for therapeutic discovery. Find out more about them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Actio Biosciences

Based in San Diego, Actio Biosciences is focused on development of precision medicines for rare patient populations. Follow Actio Biosciences on LinkedIn to stay informed.

MeCo Diagnostics

Another San Diego-based startup, MeCo Diagnostics, is developing predictive biomarker technology to empower a new modality of low-toxicity cancer therapy. For more details, follow them on LinkedIn.

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