Emerging California-Based Startups Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry

California has long been a hub for entrepreneurship, and the past two years have seen a surge of startups in the burgeoning cannabis industry. From tech platforms offering risk management and compliance solutions to e-commerce ventures revolutionizing cannabis retail, these California startups represent the cutting-edge of the industry in the state. We’ve rounded up several of the most innovative to keep an eye on, all of which were founded in 2020 or later.

Despite federal regulations, the legalization of cannabis in California has opened the door for ambitious entrepreneurs to explore the industry. As the industry matures, startups are innovating every aspect, from cultivation and manufacturing processes to delivery systems and regulatory compliance. This article aims to highlight some of the promising new startups in the California cannabis landscape.

Let’s delve into a closer look at these exciting companies which are undoubtedly changing the game within the cannabis industry, one innovative idea at a time.


Located in Los Angeles, Amuse was founded by Alex Becker, Drew Keslowitz, George Durzi, and Joey Brown. This cannabis delivery company provides over 500 premium service products, safely and conveniently. Their extensive assortment includes everything from flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers to edibles, and topicals from the most sought-after brands in California.

Hocomo Hemp

Based in Santa Monica, Hocomo Hemp, founded by Christopher Campbell, is a full-stack agricultural company pivoting the world’s perception of cannabis. They handle everything from genetics, seedling, growing to harvesting, and even final production and distribution, all the while focusing on research, product development, and innovative production capabilities.


Audrey Fernandez-Elliott and Rose Elliott co-founded Komplyd in San Jose. This startup is a cannabis technology platform that effortlessly manages risk and compliance. Their advanced API provides enriched data for increased team productivity and consistent compliance updates.

12/12 Ventures

12/12 Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Sausalito that specializes in the cannabis industry. This startup was co-founded by Parker Berling and Matt Barron and aims to financially support the growth and development of the cannabis business.

Kola Labs

Headquartered in Vista, Kola Labs is making a splash in the cannabis manufacturing and product research sphere.

Union Electric

Union Electric, based in Venice and founded by Ashley Seigel and Max Goldstein, supplies marijuana of the highest grade to consumers. They offer private labeling of flowers from renowned growers at reasonable prices to retail stores and dispensaries.

Weed Messenger

San Francisco-based Weed Messenger, founded by Kristian Andreassen and Syed Khan, combines smart tech, scientific knowledge, and individualized voicing to educate customers about their cannabis needs and use.

Seed Edibles

Seed Edibles, also based in San Francisco, offers a consistent solution addressing the inconsistency found in most CBD/cannabis edibles on the market.

Nugg Club

With headquarters in Marina Del Rey, Nugg Club is a key player in the cannabis, consumer goods, and e-commerce sector.


San Diego-based CLIP Labs provides an impressive range of services such as assistance with formulation and dosing, monitoring nutrient, water, and soil analysis, microbiome analysis, plant sexing, sampling, compliance testing, analysis, and consultation services.

Green Labs Group

Last but not least, Venice’s Green Labs Group is a trailblazer in the cannabis and electronics sectors.

The above startups are indeed pushing the boundaries within the cannabis industry, and we’re excited about the contributions they’re making to the development and normalization of cannabis products and services in California and beyond.

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