Emerging Ontario-Based Business Intelligence Startups Flourishing in California

For those keeping an eye on the Business Intelligence sector in Ontario, there’s no shortage of exciting startups making waves. Founded in 2020 or later, these young companies are leveraging the latest technologies to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to market. They’re operating across a range of industries and fields, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data services, and more. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising enterprises that have sprung up in recent years.

Data Sentinel

Led by the founders Kevin Downey and Mark Rowan, Data Sentinel has quickly made its marks in the fields of Business Intelligence and Cloud Data Services. Their unique platform, powered by deep learning technology, take care of everything from data recognition and classification to auditing and risk assessment; ensuring excellent data governance.


DataTorch is another trailblazer in the realm of AI and Business Intelligence. Founded by Michael Nguyen, this Ontario-based startup offers an adaptable machine learning data tool that can annotate any type of data structure. Their platform is customizable and modular, allowing developers to spend their time on building accurate models.

Acies Ai

Acies AI has been turning heads in the fields of AI, Business Intelligence, and FinTech. Although it was only established recently, this Toronto-based startup, founded by Jonathan Keebler, is already developing some impressive solutions. More details can be found on their website and LinkedIn page.


BusinessCobra, led by founder Ha Na, offers insightful discussions about any aspect of running businesses, from startup to marketing strategies. The company’s substantial blog contains information pertinent to both large enterprises and small and medium businesses.


Specializing in AI, Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning, Xlscout is the brainchild of founders Jitin Talwar, Komal Sharma Talwar, Pranav Sharma, and Sandeep Singh Kohli. They deliver a comprehensive, reliable, and intelligent patent & research publication database using AI technologies.

The Happenin Company

The Happenin Company, founded by Arjun Mali, Bin Liu, Charles Plant, and Diane Lai, operates in the realm of Big Data and Business Intelligence. Their platform simplifies the process of planning group occasions by digitizing group bookings for social occasions and experiences and bringing venues, hosts, and guests together.


Evidence has caught the business world’s attention by developing an innovative business intelligence tool that leverages a markup language to build reports and dashboards. Co-founders Adam McAskill and Sean Hughes are proud to offer this open-source code-based solution.


The Toronto-based company Zagitas is revolutionizing marketing and sales automation with AI. Founded by Carlos Secada and Joel Moreno, the company offers leading-edge analytics and business intelligence solutions.


Roomi Khurshid founded Pulsee with a vision to add business intelligence to the traditional handshake. Pulsee, boasting the smartest business card, engages prospects instantly.


Shiftproxy is a data collection company offering premium proxies and data collection solutions. Their services meet a variety of needs, from market research and brand protection to SEO monitoring and pricing intelligence.

These are just a sampling of the many cutting-edge startups that have sprouted up in Ontario, Canada. As the province continues to cultivate a vibrant tech ecosystem, it will indeed be exciting to watch these companies grow and evolve.

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