Exploring Berkeley’s Startups Revolutionizing the Californian Art Industry Scene

California is renowned for its vibrant startup ecosystem, thanks to its world-class universities, abundance of venture capital, and the entrepreneurial spirit of its residents. The city of Berkeley, in particular, has seen a surge of new businesses, with startups emerging in a variety of industries. From machine learning to theatre, these innovative businesses are bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to their fields. In this article, we spotlight some of the most exciting startups founded in 2020 and beyond in the art industry.

While many associate entrepreneurship almost exclusively with high-tech ventures, the reality is that startups encompass a diverse array of industries. Some of the most innovative businesses of recent years have emerged in the art industry, blending creativity with cutting-edge technology and business acumen. These startups are reshaping how we create, interact with, and appreciate art.

Berkeley is a hub for these art-related startups, fueled by the city’s rich cultural scene and strong academic resources. The city’s vibrant startup ecosystem and supportive entrepreneurial community have made it a natural home for these innovative companies. We turn our attention to some of these startups that are leaving their mark and redesigning the art landscape.

Arize AI

Arize AI was founded in 2020 by Aparna Dhinakaran and Jason Lopatecki. The startup offers a machine learning observability platform that monitors models and provides analytics to troubleshoot production AI. The idea is revolutionary and has caught the attention of the artificial intelligence industry. Connect with Arize AI on Facebook and LinkedIn.


With founders Alexander Levy and Johan Mathe, Atmo builds AI-based weather forecasting systems for governments. Currently, their systems are producing high-resolution weather forecasts. Get to know more about Atmo at their LinkedIn page.


Legathum is a neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and cryptography-based blockchain technology company. They offer a variety of services, including creating avatars, building communities, and facilitating the trading of products or services. Connect with Legathum on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Youth Uproar Theatre Company

The Youth Uproar Theatre Company is a non-profit organization transforming the performing arts scene in Berkeley. Check their Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.

Reach Best

Fellow Berkeley SkyDeck Pad-13 incubator startup, Reach Best, is headed by Ryusei Best Hayashi. It is an AI app that streamlines University Applications for international high school students. Visit Reach Best on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Founded by Eric Thompson and Jason Yosinski, provides smart control for wind turbines using AI and sensors to increase production and decrease maintenance.


RIIICO is a specialist in the fields of software and artificial intelligence. Their work captures the intersection of high-tech innovation and artistic creation. More can be learned about RIIICO on their LinkedIn.


Another participant in the AI industry, microGPT is a Berkeley-based startup specializing in artificial intelligence.

Transformations of the Human (ToftH)

Founders Kimberly Newman and Tobias Rees have launched ToftH, a project aimed at exploring how contemporary technology is disrupting the conceptual presuppositions of being human. Link up with ToftH on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Profluent Bio

Profluent Bio, founded by Ali Madani, is an AI-first protein design company that designs novel, optimal proteins that bypass existing barriers in the industry. Learn more about their work at their LinkedIn.

Celebrating the diversity and innovation of the Berkeley startups, these organizations continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the art industry and beyond. Each presents unique perspectives, inventive solutions, and powerful new ways of looking at the world.

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