Exploring California’s Rising Stars in the Advertising Startup Sector

The advertising industry is no stranger to innovation. New technologies, evolving consumer demands, and changing market dynamics constantly create fresh opportunities for startups to disrupt the status quo and establish themselves as leaders in this dynamic industry. Furthermore, California has always been a hotbed for startups and innovation, and the advertising industry is no exception. This article presents a selection of startups, established in 2020 or later, that are rewriting the rulebook of advertising with their innovative offerings and business models. These startups represent a diverse range of advertising sub-sectors and are based in various locations across the state of California.

Despite the global pandemic, these startups did not let the challenging context dim their passion and ingenuity. From machine learning algorithms that optimize marketplace promotions to innovative influencer search and discovery platforms, from advanced content generation technologies to intuitive tools for micro-influencer discovery, these startups have introduced substantive advancements to the advertising industry. These are transforming the way brands reach out to their audiences and deliver value.

Let’s have a closer look at these trailblazing startups and find out more about their unique propositions and how they are reimagining the future of advertising.

Founded in San Francisco by industry veterans Andrew Yates and Dan Hill, is an innovative platform that integrates organic search, promotions, and ads to enhance the profitability of marketplaces. Applying a mix of strategies, the startup promotes high-value listings, thereby substantially boosting revenue. Discover more about them on LinkedIn.


Based in Los Angeles, Glewee, co-founded by Christian Brown and Dylan Duke, is a unique platform that consolidates influencer search and discovery, relationship management, collaboration tools, campaign planning, execution, and reporting. It is an end-to-end solution designed to aid brands enhance their outreach efforts. Check out their LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Joshua Wong and Low Lin-Hui in Mountain View, Hypotenuse automates content creation for companies, including product descriptions, advertising copy, and blog posts. Leveraging the power of AI, the startup claims that their system can boost engagement by significant margins. Know more about them on their LinkedIn profile.


Based in San Francisco, Plai, founded by Logan Welbaum, is an innovative marketing platform that simplifies the discovery of micro-influencers and keywords, and allows the rapid creation and launching of Google Ads and YouTube Ads. More about this intuitive and accessible tool can be found on their LinkedIn page or Facebook page.

Sports Gambling Guides

Sports Gambling Guides, based in Beverly Hills, offers comprehensive research and betting advice, making it a valuable resource for sports gambling enthusiasts. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter @SGG_HQ.

Quarterly Global

Fellow San Francisco-based startup, Quarterly Global, founded by Ekalavya Hansaj, offers a suite of targeted marketing and advertising solutions. The startup enables companies to leverage competitive intelligence, advertising, and training to excel in their respective industries. Check their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages to learn more.


Billo, founded by Donatas Smailys in San Francisco, is another emerging name in the advertising industry. More details about their innovative solutions can be found on their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

ROR Partners

Based in San Marcos, ROR Partners, founded by Greg Dowd and Tom Lapcevic, is another startup to watch out for. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Unruly Agency

Unruly Agency, based in Los Angeles, is making substantial strides in the realm of digital marketing and advertising. Follow their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages to stay updated about their latest offerings.

Social Snowball

Another Los Angeles-based startup, Social Snowball, is a promising entrant in the field of affiliate marketing and ecommerce. Check their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages for the latest updates.


San Francisco-based startup, Trendpop, founded by Jonathan Ben-Tzur and Yoav Zimmerman, provides robust analytics and insights for short-form video marketing. They’re on a mission to help anyone go viral on social video platforms. Stay updated about their latest endeavours through their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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Exploring California’s Promising New Startups in the Analytics Sphere