Ontario-Based Californian Startups Revolutionizing the Advertising Industry

The advertising industry is observing a digital revolution with startups constantly innovating to redefine strategies and tools to connect various brands with their customers. Among these startups, a few have caught keen attention as they are significantly transforming the landscape of digital advertising and marketing. All these budding startups are based in Ontario, demonstrating a vibrant and thriving startup culture in this Canadian province.

From social cashback platforms to digital marketing companies that specialize in cryptocurrency, Ontario is becoming a hub for advertising startups since 2020, offering innovative solutions to businesses. This article will delve deeper into these companies, detailing their distinctive characteristics and their innovative contributions to the advertising industry.

Let’s take a closer look at these notable players driving the advertising industry with their unique ideas and services.


Founded by Paul Xue, Samantha E. Cutler, and Trevor Mengel, Cloutdesk is transforming influencer-brand partnerships with its groundbreaking platform launched in 2021. The platform offers a broad spectrum of tools, including outreach, relationship management, content approval, contract negotiation, invoicing, and payments. Cloutdesk aims to foster meaningful relationships between creators and brands.


Rewardly is a socially integrated cashback marketplace app designed by Harsh Pujara. This platform turns social media sharing into rewards and aids small and medium-sized businesses save thousands of dollars by boosting and automating Loyalty, Social Media Engagement, and Advertising.


Blockwiz, founded by Dev Sharma, provides content marketing, press releases, community management, social media marketing, cryptocurrency content writing, and many more services. The company utilizes its expertise in digital marketing and influencer marketing, ensuring brands effectively reach out to their customers in the cryptocurrency industry.


Funday was founded by Alex Baghdjian and focuses on digital advertising, offering innovative and effective solutions to its clients.

Maple Tech Space

Maple Tech Space is another Ontario-based startup operating in the field of advertising, digital marketing, and information technology. They offer a myriad of services catering to the technological needs of different businesses.

Microdose Psychedelic Insights

Microdose Psychedelic Insights is an innovative startup based in Toronto that operates in the advertising, business development, and content creation sector.


Divisional assists early-stage companies in attracting and retaining clients, offering growth marketing and channel professionals, and specializing in fields such as construction, healthcare, and developer tools. They work closely with their clients, offering customized solutions to expand their businesses.

Humanity Agency

Humanity Agency is a Toronto-based startup specializing in advertising. They provide creative and effective advertising solutions to their clients.

Ensiha Digital

Ensiha Digital is another innovative startup operating in Ontario, specializing in brand marketing, content creation, digital marketing, music label, photography, SEO, and social media advertising.

Evolve Agency Group

Burlington-based Evolve Agency Group is an independent, fully integrated marketing and advertising agency. They are a team of over 80 professionals delivering thoughtful, deliberate solutions for their clients.

GreenX media

Hamilton’s GreenX media is a startup offering advertising services including, graphic designing, videography, website development, SEO, and many other services. They cater to businesses with their extensive services, powering their growth with effective advertising solutions.

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