San Francisco-Based Architecture Startups Revolutionizing California’s Building Landscape

California, particularly San Frncisco, has been a thriving hub for startups, boosting the state’s economy and providing innovative solutions in various industries. The architecture industry is no exception, with numerous startups transforming this industry with groundbreaking ideas and technologies. In this article, we will highlight some of the most promising San Francisco-based startups in the architecture sector that were established in 2020 onwards.

These startups are not only improving architectural designs and processes; they are also pushing boundaries by integrating technologies like software development, information technology, CAD, human resources, and even sectors like accounting and real estate. Let us walk you through these startups and explore their respective contributions and future potential in the architecture industry.

All these companies share a common denominator – they were founded very recently but are rapidly making waves and setting high standards in their respective sectors by employing innovative technologies to provide unique solutions.


While detailed description about tallyfor is not available, it defines itself in the intersection of different industries such as accounting, architecture, and computer software. As it is a very young company, more details about its operation and activities will be followed shortly.

Dentsu Innovation Studio

Dentsu Innovation Studio is a software development company providing a design lab, quick product development, and venture building services. They support product conception and ideation with solutions that suit various timelines and needs, such as NoCode tools for agile development and cutting-edge technologies for launching new products.


Founded by Vaishnavi More, ArchSlate is creating the largest talent marketplace for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. This innovative platform revolutionizes recruitment processes for both employees and freelancers in this sector.

Borne Consulting

While specific details about Borne Consulting are not available, this startup operates in the architecture, civil engineering, and construction industries. More information about its activities and operations will likely be provided shortly.


Despite the unavailability of a detailed description, Kwonbae is offering its expertise in architecture, interior design, and real estate. More in-depth understanding about its operation and activities will be followed in future.

Rae & Heath Architects

Detailed information about Rae & Heath Architects is missing, but they are active in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, and interior design. More details about its offerings and services will be updated soon.

Kit Switch

Kit Switch, founded by Armelle Coutant, and Candice Delamarre, is revolutionizing the construction sector by creating modular apartment interiors for building retrofits and conversions. This pioneering startup provides housing developers and their partner architectures and contractors with pre-assembled kits which result in reduced costs, less material waste, and streamlined process, while ensuring quality and sustainable housing.

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