Spotlight on San Diego’s Emerging Consumer Industry Startups in California

California, known for its thriving startup ecosystem, has become a hotspot for innovative startups flourishing in the consumer industry. San Diego, in particular, has incubated a broad spectrum of startups that have been pushing the envelope with their groundbreaking ideas since their inception in 2020. This article throws light on such startups burgeoning in the San Diego’s vibrant startup landscape.

These startups, known for their disruptive ideas, cater to diverse sectors within the consumer industry – from wine and spirits to consumer goods and software technologies. They redefine the industry’s standards, providing solutions to some of the long-standing problems, and creating opportunities for businesses and consumers alike.

We are enthralled to join this bandwagon and introduce you to some of these startups that are making waves in San Diego’s startup scene while carving a niche for themselves in the industry with their ingenious products and services.

Safu Sake

Founded by Paul Dohrenwend, Safu Sake entrenched itself in the consumer goods industry, specifically within wine and spirits. Safu Sake is renowned for their chilled, clean, and refreshing sake, bringing an authentic taste to consumers.

Point Break Holdings

Founded by a team of investors, Point Break Holdings, caters to the consumer lending and financial services sphere. Their mission is to develop innovative services that help consumers with debt reduction, aiming to provide an array of options in consumer debt solutions.


Founded by Andrew Drauschak, Corevest is a social trading platform aimed at everyday traders. It provides real-time trading activity through their Investment API technology, creating a new industry of ‘Best in class Traders’.


Founded by Anton Ivanov, RentCast is a rental property analytics, estimation, and reporting software for real estate investors, landlords, and property managers. It provides actionable rental data, accurate rent estimates, and local market insights for any property within the United States.

B2B SoftGuide

Co-founded by Gregory Brown, B2B Software Guide helps businesses to find the best software solutions. They offer a comprehensive search engine allowing businesses to find the perfect match with ease, covering software reviews, comparisons, and free consultations.


Founded by Tara Falcone, Reason is a goal-based investing assistant catering to retail investors. It organizes investments in a more intentional way, assigning investments to specific goals and giving users the ability to simulate and track their success.


Founded by Nousha Navaie, MixoModa is an online fashion recommendation platform leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to facilitate personalized shopping experiences for customers.


Known previously as DormIt, Packed focuses on providing affordable convenience to college students. By leveraging a strategically-placed storefront, electric scooters, and a delivery fleet of university students, they offer deliveries in under 10 minutes. They have partnered with UCSD’s Food Pantry to help food-insecure students get their meals.

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