Spotlight on San Francisco-Based Agriculture Startups Flourishing in California

California has long been a hub for innovation, fostered by the spirit of the Silicon Valley. Increasingly, residents of the Golden State are bringing this innovative thinking to an age-old industry – agriculture. Fusing technology and farming, a new league of entrepreneurs born in 2020 and later are redefining what it means to be a farmer in the 21st century. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, these startups are strategically leveraging artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and robotics to address pressing issues such as food scarcity, supply chains and environmental sustainability. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these trailblazers and their groundbreaking work in agriculture.


Founded by Albert Abedi, Jayce Hafner, and Sami Tellatin in 2020, FarmRaise is a digital platform designed to offer farmers and ranchers financial resources to make on-farm improvements. With a mission to unlock capital for increased farm profitability and sustainability, the firm assists farmers with federal grant applications and financial consulting. To follow their journey, visit their LinkedIn and Facebook pages, or follow them on @farm_raise.


Uniphage is a biotech startup challenging bacterial infections using bacteriophages and artificial intelligence. Their first target is the citrus greening disease, a debilitating ailment that costs the US economy billions each year. By creating models for predicting safe bacterial viruses, Uniphage is looking to deliver effective antimicrobial, safe, and precise products to the market quickly. Follow them on LinkedIn to stay updated on their breakthroughs.


Redefining the future of the agriculture industry through technological solutions, SILOHUB is operating from San Francisco. Keep up with their innovations by following them on LinkedIn.


Vendomarch, an AgTech startup founded by Prit Sharma, is leveraging technology to support farming and agricultural activities. Stay updated with their progress by following @vendomarch on Twitter.


Led by founders Nneile Nkholise and Willie Macharia, 3DIMO creates a community-based investment marketplace for agricultural commodities. The platform enables investment into organically grown crops and animals for a fraction of the cost, reducing barriers for entry and democratizing the investment process. Follow their journey on @3d_imo on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Neatleaf, founded by Elmar Mair and Ralf Schoenherr, leverages data-driven insights and automation to create sustainable agriculture practices with optimal yields. Their mission is to revolutionize the sector through cutting-edge cloud computing, AI, and robotics. To stay updated with their progress, follow Neatleaf on @neatleafinc on Twitter or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Danny Nemer and Lisa Shmulyan, GreenChain is taking a unique approach to reducing waste in the food supply chain. By moving the whole B2B food supply chain online, their marketplace creates network effects that make the industry significantly more efficient. Beyond providing immediate payments and automated account management for sellers, it also eliminates the transaction fee that would otherwise go to a sales commission. Follow them on @GreenChainAI on Twitter or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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