California Agriculture Startups Revolutionizing The Golden State’s Farming Industry

California’s innovative spirit and entrepreneurial culture continue to spur the formation of startups across diverse industries. One of these is the Agriculture sector, where startups with a founding year of 2020 or later are making significant contributions to this vital aspect of the economy. These start-ups are not only reshaping traditional farming methods but are also leveraging technology to address major challenges such as water usage, sustainability, and crop optimization. Here are some standout startups in California’s Agricultural industry that deserve your attention.

From agtech to food processing, these startups are revolutionizing several areas within agriculture, employing advanced technologies such as vertical farming, lab-grown food, and artificial intelligence. They are leveraging their skills, creativity, and ambition to revolutionize the industry, offering solutions centered around sustainability, health, and innovation. Not only are these companies disrupting the agricultural status quo, but they are setting the pace for future innovation, fostering a sustainable ecosystem for food production and supply.

Despite the economic setbacks caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, these startups are showing resilience, aiming to continue growing and innovating beyond 2020. They are demonstrating grit, tenacity, and a deep commitment to agriculture, proving that no challenge is too great when it comes to securing the future of our food systems. Here’s a closer look at each of these game-changing startups.


Based in Sacramento, California, Unfold was founded in 2020 with a mission to revolutionize the vertical farming industry. It blends seed genetics with agronomic expertise to significantly enhance productivity, flavor, and other consumer preferences in vegetable varieties. The company is proactively incentivizing innovation in the AgTech realm. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

California Cultured

Co-founded by Deborah Neumann and Harrison Yoon, California Cultured is renowned for its sustainable, lab-grown cocoa. Their unique cocoa is less bitter, needing less sugar to deliver a tasty result. They cultivate their cocoa through innovative methods, encouraging healthy cocoa consumption. The company is based in Davis, California, and is committed to producing premium cocoa products. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Launched in 2020 by Albert Abedi, Jayce Hafner, and Sami Tellatin, FarmRaise is a digital platform offering financial resources to farmers and ranchers to make on-farm improvements. This San Francisco-based startup helps farmers to unlock capital to enhance farm profitability and sustainability, contributing significantly to the financial services sector within agriculture. You can check their updates on Facebook or find them on LinkedIn.

Elevated Foods

Offering a vision to revitalize outstanding brands and position them for sustainable, long-term success, Costa Mesa-based Elevated Foods has been making its mark in the organic sector since its inception in 2020. They are committed to promoting high-quality, environmentally friendly products. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.


Based in Woodland, California, MyFloraDNA is an operator of a DNA plant laboratory that aids breeders in using genetic data in real-time to identify important information about their seeds. They leverage biotechnology and knowledge engineering to revolutionize agriculture, consistently discovering practical insights. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Kenneth Owen, Agravitae is a wellness company offering plant-based skincare products. They source farm-sourced nutrients infused in graviola, showcasing how AgTech can extend its reach to the beauty industry. This wellness-centric company is based in Tustin, California. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Supply Change Capital

Founded in 2020 by Noramay Cadena, Supply Change Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm investing at the intersection of food, culture, and technology. Based in Los Angeles, California, the firm is trailblazing the path for a new wave of impact investing within the agricultural sector. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Hocomo Hemp

Christopher Campbell founded Hocomo Hemp, a full-stack agricultural company that covers everything from genetics, seedling, growing, harvesting, to final production and distribution. Based in Santa Monica, California, Hocomo Hemp is evolving cannabis farming through innovative genetic research and fresh thinking.


San Francisco-based Uniphage is a biotechnology company that integrates bacteriophages with artificial intelligence to annihilate bacterial infections. They are currently targeting citrus greening disease, causing $2 billion damage annually in the US. The firm can predict safe bacterial viruses against targeted bacterial infections using computational models, enabling the delivery of safe and precise antimicrobial products. Find them on LinkedIn.

Bay Area Ranchers Cooperative

Bay Area Ranchers Co-Op serves agricultural and ranching communities by providing them with local processing access. Founded by Adam Parks, Duskie Estes, Guido Frosini, and Kathy Webster, this Petaluma-based startup provides transparency and honesty with community oversight. Follow them on Facebook.,located in Cupertino, California, is a SaaS platform that utilizes IoT sensors and analysis algorithms to enable viticulturists to effectively monitor weather conditions and crop health. Co-founded by Kristi Bowers and Martin S. García Wilhelm, the firm is spearheading advancements in agricultural technology, merging technology with agriculture for a future of abundance and sustainability. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the progressive startups enhancing the agricultural landscape in California. Through their use of cutting-edge technology, optimized strategies, and robust business models, these companies are poised to influence the future of this age-old industry and help alleviate some of the most pressing challenges we face today.

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