Exploring Newly-Established San Francisco Consumer Industry Startups in California

California remains a hub for innovative startups, with scores of game-changing companies emerging every year. This article shines a spotlight on some remarkable startups originating from the heart of this innovation hub, San Francisco. These startups, each with an inception in 2020 or later, are shaking up the consumer industry with their inventive ideas and services. From financial tech to health care, e-commerce to networking, these startups cross a variety of sectors within the consumer industry, offering unique solutions to modern consumers’ needs.

San Francisco has a rich history as a cradle for innovation and has long served as a foundation for budding entrepreneurs, especially in the technology sector. The city’s supportive ecosystem of venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators, combined with a wealth of diverse talent, has catalyzed the growth of numerous startups aiming to disrupt traditional industry boundaries.

The startups featured in this article embody the spirit of San Francisco, characterized by risk-taking, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of creating more value for consumers. Read on to explore a brief overview of their missions, visions, and the new horizons they are adventuring into.

Inclined Technologies

Founded in 2020 by Graham C. Gerlach, Joshua Wyss, and Mark Shaw, Inclined Technologies is a consumer lending, fintech startup focused on enhancing the value of life insurance policies for policyholders. The company’s products aim to drive better long-term outcomes for whole life policyholders, resulting in more value from their insurance policies. Visit their LinkedIn page for more details.


Sunnyside is a health and wellness startup that seeks to help people establish healthier habits around alcohol consumption. Founded by Ian Andersen and Nick Allen, this company has developed an app that aids users in tracking their drinking habits. Check out their LinkedIn and Facebook pages for updates and more information.

Hello Genius

Co-founded by Jack Lee and Lee Daley, Hello Genius provides an app-based learning system for children. It tailors its experiences to the individual abilities and interests of each child, providing valuable insights and recommendations to parents. Visit their LinkedIn page and Facebook page to learn more.


Founded by Phil Chen, tastebase is an e-commerce food and beverage company that seeks to revolutionize the industry with excellent products, content, and shopping experiences for the modern food lover. For more details, check out their LinkedIn page.


Ladder is a community platform for the new generation of professionals, founded by Akshaya Dinesh and Andrew Tan. The platform offers members career content, job prospects, and the opportunity to form relationships with peers and mentors. You can find more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Focused on e-commerce, TruLocal, founded by Marc Lafleur, provides an online platform to make local shopping simpler. By fostering relationships between consumers and local retailers, Trulocal strives to boost local business. You can find out more on their LinkedIn page or follow them on Facebook.

Kimoyo Insights

Kimoyo Insights gathers consumer feedback worldwide and aids businesses like Microsoft and BBC to conduct research studies. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more about the company.

Dr. Cowan’s Garden

Founded by Asher Cowan, Dr. Cowan’s Garden represents a new approach to organic food. The company’s mission and products can be found on their LinkedIn page, Facebook page and Twitter feed.


Sanikind is a startup in the consumer goods and manufacturing sector. Learn more about the company on their LinkedIn page and their Facebook page.

Corona Warriors

The Corona Warriors startup, in the medical and non-profit sector, provides an invaluable service in these unprecedented times. Stay updated on the company’s activities by following their LinkedIn page and Facebook page.


Plant-based skincare brand Melixir is the brainchild of Hana Lee. Inspired by Korean skincare rituals, Melixir leverages the latest technology to create 100% vegan and sustainable beauty products. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.

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