California’s Emerging Startups Revolutionizing Application Performance Management

California continues to lead the way in terms of startup innovation and technology adoption. Among recent developments, promising startups in the Application Performance Management (APM) industry have started to gain traction. Nearly all major software companies and a great number of businesses have substantial amounts of their resources invested in software applications for themselves and for their customers. The management and optimization of the performance of these applications has become vital. In this article, we highlight some of the most exciting startups that have emerged in the Application Performance Management sector since 2020 that have their headquarters in California.

APM is the monitoring and management of the availability and performance of software applications. Different people look at APM in different ways and have different understandings of what it involves. But regardless of perspective, the goal of APM is to detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service. The APM industry has seen a significant rise in California with startups delivering solutions that are enhancing the software application experience and enabling businesses to work efficiently. These startups are delivering a great blend of technology and innovation.

These startups are focusing on various facets of the Application Performance Management industry. Here, we outline these startups, providing insights into their vision, the solutions they are offering and their core team.


Datafold was founded by Alex Morozov and Gleb Mezhanskiy in San Francisco, California. This startup provides tools for automating analytical data quality management. It assists companies in extracting more value from their analytical data by automating Data Engineering workflows like data quality monitoring and simplifying data QA enabling instant table comparison and profiling. You can also follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Hera Solutions

Based in Los Angeles, Hera Solutions operates in the field of Application Performance Management and fleet management software. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Poppins, another San Francisco based startup, operates in the field of Application Performance Management and productivity tools software. More about them can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Ordergami has its headquarters in San Diego, California and works in the field of Application Performance Management, cloud management software. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information.


Founded by Jeff Martens and Ryan Duffield, Metrist creates visibility into the availability, functionality, and performance of the apps and APIs that power software on the internet. This San Francisco based startup helps ensure that no application developer or user needs to wonder about the impact of an external service on their business. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Actowiz Solutions

Actowiz Solutions is located in Los Angeles, California and is a market leader in Web Data Scraping services. The company serves all business verticals like E-commerce, Finance, Food, OTT, Real Estate, Automation, and more. They have dedicated themselves to serving their customers with 99% accuracy. Find out more on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Chaos Genius

Chaos Genius, headed by founders Preeti Shrimal and Harshit Surana, is located in Palo Alto, California. Chaos Genius offers a unique data infrastructure observability and optimization product that’s initially aimed at Snowflake Inc.’s cloud data warehouse platform. The platform analyzes Snowflake workloads with millions of queries using query patterns to identify inefficient queries and provides intelligent recommendations that significantly improve performance. You can also follow them on LinkedIn.


Located in San Francisco, Vectorly drives company growth by providing employees with personalized career paths based on continuous skill feedback and working activity. Established by Alex Olkhovoi, Alice Smelkova, Chongkal Seng, and Irina Seng, Vectorly helps team leaders create career matrices, review skill levels, set action plans for every team member and integrate it with 3rd party working tools like Jira and Trello. Find out more on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


FluxNinja, located in Walnut Creek, California was founded by Harjot Gill and Jai Desai. The company provides application reliability management solutions for web-scale enterprises. The startup identifies a “blast radius” during an API traffic overload and automatically triggers recovery policies. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Based in Mountain View, California, Wolfia provides a solution that lets users share a link to a mobile emulator running the app, so they instantly check out the feature that is working on or confirm a bug is fixed. Follow their developments on LinkedIn.

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