Spotlight on San Francisco Angel Investment Startups Revolutionizing California’s Silicon Valley

Angel investment is a critical component of the thriving startup ecosystem in San Francisco. San Francisco is a global hub for some of the most innovative startups that have been founded in 2020 and beyond. This year, there has been a dramatic upswing in startups focused on angel investment, snapshotted below, they exemplify this trend in the Golden City. All of these startups – with headquarters situated in San Francisco – are building out business models that are shaping the future of this vibrant industry sector.

The angel investment industry is a superset of various subsectors including predictive analytics, fintech, property management, business development, etc. These startups garnered attention due to their disruptive business models and innovative products or services. They all strive to connect entrepreneurs with the most relevant angel investors to fuel the growth and development of their Enterprises.

These startups have made significant strides in their relatively short lives. Their ability to harness technological advancements to predict potential investment outcomes, offering a platform for wealth management and asset management, and so forth have set them apart in a fast-evolving industry landscape. Let’s explore each one, their founders, the work they do, and the impacts they are making in their respective sectors. is in the Angel Investment, Predictive Analytics, Software, and Venture Capital industry. The startup was founded by Ankit Sharma, Colby Lepore, and Liya Jin. The company aims to connect the most relevant founders and angel investors via an ML algorithm that makes informed investment matches. Follow them on their socials: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Startup Falcon

Startup Falcon is an Angel Investment startup that specializes in Consulting, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, and Venture Capital. The founder, Eiass Muhanna, created a reliable and easy-to-use valuation calculator tool for early-stage startups. Connect with them through the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Sea Cliff Partners

Sea Cliff Partners operates in the Angel Investment, Business Development, and Property Management sectors. Their LinkedIn profile can be found here

SV Venture Group

Founded by Jordan Wahbeh, SV Venture Group aids in Venture Capital Support, Early-Stage Funding, and Family Office Access. Their vision to improve the human condition plays a major role in their operations. Reach out to them using their LinkedIn page.


Funden, founded by Daniel Rongo and Steve Beyatte, is the first AI-powered platform to scout startup investors and Venture Capital firms. It operates in the Angel Investment, Consulting, FinTech, Information Technology, Software, and Venture Capital sectors. Follow their updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


nded by Adam Forest and Jay Greenblatt, and operating in the Angel Investment, Financial Services, Internet sectors, you can check out Launchparty’s updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

ATTA Ventures

ATTA Ventures, operating in Angel Investment, Finance, Financial Services, Venture Capital sectors, was planted by Varvara Corcos. Connect with them onTwitter and LinkedIn.


PocketVC was established by Chinara A. and offers an online platform for VC world players to invest in potential unicorns. To stay updated follow them via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


aVenture is a fintech firm that provides accessible and diversified venture capital investment opportunities. It was conceived by William Callahan, CFA. Check their socials: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


Merged, Inc., founded by Kelvin Craver, is an Angel Investment, Asset Management, Financial Services, FinTech, Impact Investing, Micro Lending, Social Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Wealth Management sector that provides resources to build financial peace. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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