Emerging San Mateo Startups Revolutionizing California’s Analytics Industry

San Mateo, located on the high-tech Silicon Valley, is home to a myriad of young and disruptive startups. This city has seen a significant uptick in the number of dynamic startups emerging within the Analytics industry, particularly from 2020. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most promising Analytics startups based in San Mateo that are pushing the envelope with their innovative solutions. These companies, fusing their strategic abilities and technical acumen, are propelling the Analytics industry to new frontiers.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has ignited the necessity for analytically-driven business decisions. Disruptions in all sectors have not only reaffirmed the necessity of analytics but expanded its prominence. From small outlets to multinational corporations, every business is now powered by analytics. The exciting spectrum of startups we are going to meet further prove this by their business model and creative solutions.

In essence, these San Mateo-based firms are harnessing the power of data analytics to predict, address and solve complex business queries. Thanks to their cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise, they are helping businesses to streamline their operations, risk management, and decision-making processes while simultaneously optimizing their revenue and profitability.

Cornerstone AI

Cornerstone AI provides a solution for streamlining and standardizing data and analyzing it. The company developed an internal tool to perfect this exact process. Although the startup is known for its contributions to the Artificial Intelligence industry, its pivotal role in the analytics industry is quite noticeable. Find more about Cornerstone AI on their LinkedIn page.


HyperGlue offers a natural language platform designed to transform unstructured data into real-time business insights. This platform gathers data from wherever it may be and delivers actionable business trends, search APIs, and user-friendly dashboards. You can gain deeper insights into how HyperGlue operates on their LinkedIn page.


Infima is revolutionizing mortgage security analytics by utilizing unique deep learning technologies. The company’s solutions offer actionable predictive insights into future borrower, security, and market behavior, enabling investors, traders, and dealers to make informed decisions and therefore, drive performance. Learn more about the unique solutions offered by Infima via their LinkedIn page.


Ahana, a company built upon fostering growth and evangelism around the Presto community, focuses on simplifying ad hoc analytics for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Founded by technology experts, the company is bringing PrestoDB-based ad hoc analytics offerings to market. Discover Ahana’s development journey and their offerings on their LinkedIn page.

Filum AI

Offering a complete solution to interpret business data efficiently, Filum AI possesses a unique AI data platform that turns raw data into valuable insights that foster data-driven business decision-making. Check out the latest updates and offerings by Filum AI on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

DataJoy Inc.

DataJoy seeks to build a repeatable, profitable, and predictable revenue machine by collecting and analyzing data. Get more insights about DataJoy Inc.’s journey and their solutions on their LinkedIn page.


Providing enterprise-ready tools for rapid, flexible experimentation with data at scale, Ponder helps data teams to better productivity by enabling them to derive insights quickly, using their beloved tools. You can find more about Ponder and their intuitively designed data tools on their LinkedIn page.


Preskale aims to fortify the B2B pre-sales process with a presales intelligence platform. The tool integration with sales, product, customer operations, and marketing stack helps PreSales unify go-to-market data and build product intelligence to secure more deals. Dig deeper into how PreSkale is transforming the B2B presales landscape by visiting their LinkedIn page. offers solutions for the Analytics and E-commerce industries.


Being a next-gen cloud-native sub-second OLAP database, StarRocks supports real-time data analysis and accommodates a large number of concurrent users. The platform’s architecture helps users flexibly build various types of models, including flat tables, star, and snowflake schemas. Follow StarRocks on their LinkedIn page and check out their Twitter handle.

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