California’s San Diego Based Biotech Startups Revolutionising the Industry

Start-ups have played a crucial role in dynamic industry sectors, such as the biotechnology industry. As the biomedical research hub of California, San Diego has seen an influx of biotech start-ups in recent years. Start-ups founded in 2020 or after are at the forefront of medical innovations due to their dedication to utilizing cutting-edge technology and fresh ideas to solve pressing health issues. This article highlights the notable biotech start-ups based in San Diego that are making strides in the industry.

Being a global pioneer in the biotechnology industry, California hosts plenty of ambitious start-ups. San Diego, with its collaborative culture, world-class research institutes, and business-friendly government, has become a hotspot for those emerging companies. The following start-ups showcase the diversity, innovation, and potential that San Diego’s biotech community has to offer.

Let’s have a glimpse at the array of companies that span across multiple sectors, including pharmaceuticals, life sciences, health care, analytics, and therapeutics. These companies are striving to address urgent health care issues, exploiting their biotechnological expertise and scientific prowess in the process. Here are ten firms worth watching:

Longboard Pharmaceuticals

Founded by Kevin R. Lind, Longboard Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to creating medicines for patients with rare neurological diseases. The firm’s current focus is on developmental and epileptic encephalopathies. Longboard’s proprietary pipeline supports various programs that promise broad clinical applicability.


Neomorph, established by Benjamin Ebert, Eric Fischer, Philip Chamberlain, and Scott Armstrong, is developing a leading protein degradation entity particularly focused on ‘molecular glue’ degraders. Its aim is to employ this technology to tackle critical problems concerning human health and medical innovation.


Biotech start-up Sapient, co-founded by Jeramie Watrous, Mohit Jain, Saumya Tiwari, Sean Ramsey, and Tao Long, revolutionizes biomarker discovery by leveraging next-generation mass spectrometry, biocomputational analysis, and large-scale human biology databases.

Sorriso Pharmaceuticals

Inflammatory disease treatment research led to the creation of Sorriso Pharmaceuticals by Ciara Kennedy and Susan Dubé. Their innovations include antibodies that can be orally ingested and deliver potent results throughout the intestinal system.

Ocelot Bio

Geoff Harris and Gebhard Neyer founded Ocelot Bio with a focus on offering innovative treatment options to those with severe liver disease.

Replicate Bioscience

Focused on creating novel oncology treatments, Replicate Bioscience was birthed by co-founders Andrew Geall, Herbert Kim Lyerly, Nathaniel Wang, and Zachary Hartman. The company works to design innovative therapies that can prevent drug resistance and improve the efficacy of various immuno-oncology regimens.

Abintus Bio

Preclinical stage gene therapy innovator Abintus Bio was established by Carlos E. Ibañez, Cory Bentley, Derek Ostertag, and Douglas Jolly. The founders are dedicated to in vivo immune cell reprogramming that can enhance patient access and outcomes.

Alida Biosciences

Gudrun Stengel and Byron Purse launched Alida Biosciences to produce RNA analysis tools that can effectively improve human health.


Palamedrix, founded by Shane Bowen, is a developer of a multi-omic platform with an objective to accelerate advancements in life science and medical fields through comprehensive data.

Jengu Therapeutics

Biotech company Jengu Therapeutics was established by Benjamin Neel in 2020. The company’s research is primarily concentrated on cellular signaling pathways and how the disruption of these pathways can lead to various human diseases, including cancer.

BlossomHill Therapeutics

BlossomHill Therapeutics, Inc. developed by J. Jean Cui, and Y. Peter Li is a small molecule drug discovery and development endeavor concentrating on unmet medical requirements in oncology and autoimmune disorders.

As we can see, San Diego’s current crop of biotech startups showcase the sector’s innovation and potential. By grappling with issues in medicine, health care, and therapeutics, San Diego’s biotech startups are not just enhancing lives; they’re shaping the future of the industry.

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