Rising San Francisco Startups Revolutionizing the California Advertising Industry

Our sunny state of California is the birthplace of many innovative startups. San Francisco, especially, is home to creativity and innovation, housing countless game-changers and trailblazers in the advertising sector. Today, we will highlight some exceptional startups founded in 2020 or later. These companies are sparking new trends in the industry, redefining the boundaries of advertising. Let’s take a closer look! was co-founded by Andrew Yates and Dan Hill. This platform revolutionises the E-commerce and Marketplace sector by unifying organic search, promotions, and ads into one optimised system for marketplaces. They help promote the best listings at the top to boost revenue. creates a compelling advertising solution that maximises visibility for clients and brings exemplary innovation in the advertising industry.


Co-founded by Logan Welbaum, Plai is transforming the digital marketing landscape. It empowers users with the tools to discover micro-influencers, new keywords, and launch expert Google and YouTube Ads in minutes. Market your product effectively with Plai’s innovative approach. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Quarterly Global

Quarterly Global, led by Ekalavya Hansaj, offers targeted marketing and advertising solutions, creating opportunities for companies and individuals to excel in their fields. With a robust portfolio of products and high-quality services, they ensure clients remain competitive and informed. Stay updated with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Donatas Smailys co-founded Billo, a platform forging a path in the Advertising, E-commerce and Marketing industry. The company’s sophisticated approach is revolutionising the way brands communicate. Follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Trendpop, established by Yoav Zimmerman and Jonathan Ben-tzur, offers advanced analytics and insights for short-form video marketing. With data from over a billion social video posts, they assist brands in going viral on social media platforms, reshaping the advertising industry on a larger scale. Connect with them Facebook and LinkedIn.


Stiddle, co-founded by Charis Zhang and James Bender, provides advertising, data visualization, and software solutions. They give marketers the tools needed to track campaigns, attribute marketing data, and visualise and analyse reporting. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Jives Media

Jay Ives is behind Jives Media, a full-service marketing agency offering award-winning web design, growth hacking, and MBA brand strategies. They support organisations from startups to Fortune 500 corporations in achieving their marketing goals. Stay updated on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Swagger, started by Stacy Takeuchi, is a standout company in the realm of advertising, brand marketing. They offer innovatively designed products sure to leave an indelible impact on their clients. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


EyCrowd is the innovative creation of founders Ayman AlZamil and Brad Cowdrey. Specialising in advertising, apps, AI, and more, they offer cutting-edge solutions in the crowded market space. For more about their journey, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


BuzzLogic is a powerful force in the field of advertising, digital marketing, and SEO. They provide innovative solutions to enhance brand visibility. Stay updated with them on LinkedIn.


Launched by Hoon Ra, John Hamilton, and Paul Bergeron, TVDataNow is a measurement platform for Connected TV and OTT advertising. A tangible testament to the power of innovation, they allow digital advertisers to measure their impact effectively. For more about their work, check out their LinkedIn page.

In a nutshell, the vibrant world of advertising startups in California is brimming with progressive ideas and innovative solutions. Whether it’s altering the way brand advertising is leveraged or influencing consumer behaviour, they are leaving their footprint in the digital advertising landscape. Keep an eye on these startups; they’re going places!

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