Rising Accounting Startups Redefining Business Landscape in California

California has long been recognized as a hotbed for technological and business innovation. More recently, it has become home to a burgeoning community of startups revolutionizing the accounting industry. Using the latest technology, these startups are streamlining processes, increasing efficiency and transforming the landscape of accounting as we know it. Founded in 2020 or later, these companies are based across various cities in California including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. They are driving change across the industry and providing valuable services to businesses of all sizes.

In this article, we take a detailed look at several emerging accounting startups based in California. These innovative companies are changing the way business accounting is conducted through the use of groundbreaking technology and forward-thinking business approaches. From cloud-based automation tools to personalized financial solutions, these startups offer a range of products and services designed to simplify accounting and financial management for businesses while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and compliance.

Whether you are a business owner seeking better ways to manage your company’s finances, a tech enthusiast interested in the latest industry developments, or a venture capitalist looking for the next big thing in the California tech scene, read on for a comprehensive guide to the latest and greatest accounting startups in California.


Based in San Francisco, Fondo provides bookkeeping services that allow founders to dedicate more resources to growing their businesses. The company is committed to supporting founders in building enduring businesses by providing essential data for business decisions and ensuring compliance at both state and federal levels. Fondo was co-founded by David J. Philips. More details about them can be found on LinkedIn and @tryfondo on Twitter.


Pallo is a Los Angeles-based startup serving the accounting and financial services needs of both freelance and small to medium-sized businesses. Their platform is designed to streamline financial operations and increase efficiency. For news and updates, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Their professional profile can be seen on LinkedIn.


Operating out of San Francisco, tallyfor is using its expertise in software architecture to revolutionize the accounting industry. Through their innovative technology, they are making it easier for businesses to manage and track their financial transactions. Find out more on their LinkedIn page.


SpendHub is another San Francisco-based startup offering solutions focused on bookkeeping, expense reporting, and credit management. Their aim is to simplify these tasks, boost productivity and ultimately benefit the business’ bottom line. They can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by J’on Dennis, Jantt is a Los Angeles-based startup that provides automated accounting solutions. These solutions include transaction management, advanced analytics, and seamless integration with major financial applications. Get connected with Jantt on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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