California’s Top Emerging Air Transportation Industry Startups Spotlighted

The state of California has always been a technology-centric region with the influx of tech companies of all magnitudes. One of the recent trends wedged firmly in the industry are startups in the Air Transportation realm. With their inception from 2020 or later, these companies have leveraged advanced technologies and attention to consumer demands to create significant disruptions within the air transportation industry. The following are some of the startups that have incredibly shaped the face of the Air Transportation Industry in California.

Each startup has navigated the tumultuous waters of the COVID-19 pandemic, continually innovating, creating, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the air transportation space. Despite the setbacks faced by many industries over this period, these California-based startups have proven their resilience, setting the stage for their disruptive innovation in air transportation.

This list provides an overview of each company and their dynamic take on how air transportation can be improved and innovated, reflecting the rapidly evolving needs of consumers and the ongoing push towards environmental sustainability. Here are the top startups based in California operating in the Air Transportation industry.


Archer, based in San Francisco, specializes in Aerospace, Air Transportation, Manufacturing. Created by founders Adam Goldstein and Brett Adcock, Archer is an aerospace company building an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft focused on improving mobility in cities. Their mission is to advance the benefits of sustainable air mobility by designing, manufacturing, and operating a fully electric aircraft that can carry four passengers for 60 miles at speeds of up to 150 mph.


Centered in the heart of San Francisco, AeroVect was founded by Eugenio Donati and Raymond Wang. Operating within the Aerospace, Air, and Transportation Software industry, this company develops autonomous driving platforms for efficient airside operations at various passenger and cargo hubs worldwide.

FlightLine Technologies

Donny Malinoff started FlightLine Technologies in Roseville. This software platform aims to simplify Cirrus aircraft ownership using its modern co-ownership model, offering data, reporting, and analytics tools to bring transparency and simplicity into the domain of aircraft ownership.

JE Aviation Links

JE Aviation Links, located in Chino, operates within the Aerospace, Air Transportation, and Mechanical Engineering industry. The company’s focal points are largely undisclosed apart from their industry orientation.


ONAIR is an LA-based startup located at the intersection of Advertising, Air Transportation, and Artificial Intelligence. Founded by Dmitrii Moshchenko, ONAIR provides passengers with free wifi access in-flight, while displaying custom-targeted advertisements from various partners, turning passive flight time into an interactive experience.

Amalfi Jets

Founded by Calvin Yoon and Kolin Jones, Amalfi Jets resides in Westlake Village, offering private jet charter, jet card, and membership services. This company utilizes a network of over 3,500 aircraft based in over 170 countries to provide these services.


Farel, from San Francisco, is developing the operating system for the next generation of airlines. Founded by Askhat Omarov and Louis Albertini, this startup streamlines major operations and automates resource-intensive processes.


Conceptualized by Anita Sengupta, Hydroplane in Sherman Oaks promotes emission-free aviation technology. The company pivots on hydrogen-based energy storage and propulsion mechanisms to drive its vision.

Titan Space Technologies

Based in Palo Alto, Titan Space Technologies is an orbital compute platform that offers real-time monitoring and neural engine capabilities. The company aims to accelerate the next generation of scientific technological innovations.

Kyte Dynamics

Kyte Dynamics, founded by Han Cheol Choi and Irfan-ur-rab Usman in Walnut, develops an aerial delivery and logistics solution. Its platform is aimed at quick delivery from warehouses, restaurants, and retail within minutes at delivery prices.

Novus Sentry

Located in Oakland, Novus Sentry, founded by Saad Youssefi, is a battery health diagnostic company. They work on extending battery life through improved battery safety, quality, and reliability, serving private and government partners.

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