Emerging Palo Alto Biotech Startups Revolutionizing California’s Medical Frontiers

California has long been recognized as a cradle of innovation, particularly within the biotechnology industry. This has been more evident than in the vibrant and burgeoning city of Palo Alto, which has spawned a brilliant selection of startups in recent years. This article highlights some of the most promising biotech startups established in 2020 or later, operating from this dynamic city. Each company offers a unique contribution to the field, setting new frontiers in the realms of public health, therapeutics, cancer immunotherapies, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and more

These fresh-faced firms are propelling California’s startup landscape to new heights, showcasing the state’s capacity for pioneering technological and scientific advancement. Each company brings a diverse range of approaches to the biotech industry, with focuses ranging from biosecurity platforms to therapeutic solutions for a variety of health conditions. The future of the industry undoubtedly lies within these enthusiastic and hardworking innovators.

Please note: Some companies might be operating in ‘stealth mode’. Stealth mode means they are in the process of developing a revolutionary product, but have not made any public announcement. Only limited information may be available for these companies.

The Public Health Company

Founded by Brian Levine and Charity Dean, The Public Health Company is developing a global biosecurity platform that delivers actionable and predictive intelligence for enterprises to manage bio-risks. The company uses cutting-edge technology and world-class expertise to deliver global solutions that allow for unparalleled speed and scale in dynamic risk management. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Pheast Therapeutics

Founders Amira Barkal and Roy Maute have created a cancer immunotherapy company, Pheast Therapeutics, that thrives on developing novel checkpoint therapies. Based in Palo Alto, Pheast Therapeutics harnesses the power of the innate immune system to combat cancer. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Outer Biosciences

Outer Biosciences is currently operating in stealth mode. Keep an eye out for their exciting future announcements!

The Liver Company

The Liver Company is a biotechnology startup focusing on healthcare. It was established by founders Gangadhara Ganapati, Mani Subramanian, and Muzammil Mansuri.


Founded in 2020 by Matthew Baggott, Ph.D., and Deeptech serial entrepreneur Luke Pustejovsky, Tactogen develops empathogen medicines. The goal of the biopharma startup is to deliver safer take-home prescription empathogens. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Neuvivo is a late-clinical stage biopharmaceutical startup committed to the research and development of advanced treatments for ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases. Started by founder Ari Azhir, Neuvivo is putting its efforts to combat this global health challenge. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Interface Biosciences

Interface Biosciences is a promising biotechnology company that operates in the healthcare and therapeutics sectors. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Gravity Medical Technology

Gravity Medical Technology leverages deep experience in stroke medicine and bio-engineering to develop powerful and cost-effective solutions for brain stroke treatment, aiming to save millions of lives impacted by this brain attack. Stay tuned for exciting news from this startup.

Exai Bio

Exai Bio, co-founded by Babak Alipanahi and Pat Arensdorf, offers a next-generation liquid biopsy platform. This innovative tool provides deep clinical insights into cancer biology and aids in the earliest, most accurate diagnosis of the disease. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Greenstone Biosciences

With founders Jade Chao and Joseph Wu, MD, PhD at the helm, Greenstone Biosciences is a drug discovery platform that’s accelerating the development of effective therapies for patients. Discover more about their work on LinkedIn.


NextVivo is a biotech company innovatively developing an immune organoid technology platform. The firm’s mission is to speed up the development of safer, more effective therapies tested in human-derived models.

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