Exploring San Francisco’s Newest Brand Marketing Startups in California

California’s Silicon Valley continues to be a global tech hub and incubator for novel startups offering pioneering solutions across a plethora of sectors. A number of these startups have taken root in the Brand Marketing industry, deploying innovation and technology to redefine this space. Established in 2020 or later, these vibrant startups based in San Francisco have been turning heads with their unique services.

These startups span across varying specialties, from AI-driven platforms to creative agencies and digital consulting firms. The diversity in their offering highlights the vitality of this industry, and the flexibility to cater to the evolving needs of businesses in the digital age.

Let’s spotlight these burgeoning startups, their founders, and the wide range of services they offer to the ever-changing world of brand marketing.


Founded by Conner Sherline, Disco operates as an essential tool for brands deploying AI to make strategic recommendations to consumers across multiple brands. Utilizing smart tech, they provide valuable insights into customer behavior, enhance merchandising distribution, and reduce customer acquisition costs significantly. Follow Disco on @discotechinc or view their LinkedIn profile: Disco


Swagger is an innovative startup in the advertising and product design realm, founded by Stacy Takeuchi. With a focus on developing creative and striking brand marketing strategies, Swagger brings a fresh and exciting perspective to the product design industry. Learn more about Swagger through their LinkedIn page: Swagger

Intune Collective

The Intune Collective infuses brand marketing with management consulting and training to provide holistic business strategies. With their understanding of the brand marketing industry, they offer a comprehensive approach to marketing, training, and organizational success.

Radiate Consulting

Radiate Consulting provides a diverse range of services including brand marketing, web development, digital marketing, and even translation. Their client-centric approach allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while taking care of their branding, programming, and administrative tasks.


BrandedPlacement was founded by Arnaud Fischer and Johann Garcia with a mission of streamlining product placement in films and streaming video content. With their innovative marketplace, they connect Brands and Content Creators efficiently and effectively.


Frontrunners in the B2B marketplace, Nishant Verman and Prasanth Nair founded Bzaar, an online cross-border platform that facilitates business interactions. Bzaar offers a diverse range of products like home improvements, fashion, and cookware for small businesses.


Warpfy, founded by Deepak Garg and Harris Cheng, combines data analysis with brand marketing techniques. Essentially, they transform e-commerce stores into successful D2C brands and efficiently scale these across global marketplaces.


With a clear focus on brand marketing, SYSTM Brands has carved a niche in providing branded products for consumers. Keeping a keen eye on modern trends, they understand the pulse of the market and design strategies to align with those trends.


At the intersection of brand marketing, digital marketing, and internet technology; CLO-Z, co-founded by Ilya Tikhonov and Vlad Vodolazov, is transforming e-commerce. They develop virtual try-on technology for clothes, an innovation aiming to help brands reduce apparel returns and increase sales conversion.

Goldilocks Digital

From branding strategies to customer research, Goldilocks Digital offers a plethora of services to streamline your brand’s presence. They focus on creating unique selling propositions, brand positioning, launching products, providing digital marketing audits, and more.


GivePlay, co-founded by Dragana Djurica, Himanshu Jadav, and Tseggai Debrezion, is transforming sales promotions into powerful incentives for customer engagement. With their innovative approach, they bridge the gap between discounts, rebates, loyalty points with customer engagement campaigns to gain deeper and insightful customer insights.

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