California’s Top Startups Transforming San Francisco’s Asset Management Landscape

California has long been the crucible of innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in the vibrant startup scene. San Francisco, often synonymous with the tech fraternity of Silicon Valley, has seen an influx of young, ambitious startups grappling with the challenges and opportunities of the Asset Management industry.

Post 2020, the Asset Management industry has seen a surge in startups exploring innovative ways of asset management, harnessing emerging technologies to drive efficiency and redefine traditional methods. Let’s have a closer look at some of these promising startups calling San Francisco home.

We aim to showcase startups born in or after 2020, providing you with insights on who they are, their approach to asset management, and where they intend to take their business in the future. Each of these businesses is playing a unique part in the reshaping of the Asset Management industry. Without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Untapped Global

Dedicated to redefining profitable investing, Untapped Global provides data-driven investment opportunities for global investors. Their Smart Asset Financing investment model offers real-time tracking of usage and revenue streams, making it a safe solution for investment in emerging markets.LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter


Founded in 2020, and based in San Francisco, Alt is an alternative asset platform that increases the transparency and liquidity of alternative assets such as sports cards.LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

Smart Capital Center

Smart Capital Center offers real-time property evaluations and sources the best loans for their commercial real estate investors. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter


ExcelSense offers comprehensive asset management services spanning everything from pipeline and operation to financing and reporting.LinkedIn | Twitter


ZeFi develops a neobanking platform that provides a permission less financial ecosystem without a central authority, creating a higher interest rate, and allowing users to interact and earn more with their crypto assets.LinkedIn | Twitter

Collective Liquidity

Collective Liquidity is developing the first wealth technology platform targeted at the private market. They aim to deliver improved liquidity and risk management to unicorn employees, issuers and investors.LinkedIn | Twitter


Aura is built with the mission to democratize access to financial tools and improve financial literacy.LinkedIn | Twitter


Mobius is building the next generation of asset-focused experiences and transactions, laying a future foundation of finance.LinkedIn


Merged, Inc. is an invite-only investors network that provides its members with resources for financial peace and long-term growth. It provides a wealth of information on tax strategy and wealth management best practices.LinkedIn | Twitter

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