Spotlight on San Francisco: Innovative Californian Startups Revolutionizing the Audio Industry

San Francisco, the tech capital of the world, continues to breed innovation across various facets of technology. Advancements in technology have profound implications for audio technologies, prompting many startups to provides solutions in this space. An increasing number of innovators perceive an opportunity to bring auditive technologies to new heights. This article explores promising audio companies established in or after 2020 that are based in San Francisco.

These startups reflect the increasing importance of audio in how the internet is experienced. The thriving audio industry has seen rapid growth amidst the current tide toward digitization, and San Francisco’s emerging audio businesses are not left out in this surge. Ranging from audio sharing platforms to Artificial Intelligence audio engineering, these companies showcase the diversity and innovation the audio sector can offer.

Each of these companies are profiled below, detailing their mission, leadership, and the unique solutions they are bringing to the industry. The article features website links, descriptions, and biographies on each startup for a comprehensive view of their operations.


Co-founded by Joe Walsh, Soundwave is an interactive social audio and micro-casting application that enables everyone to be heard through vocal memos of 60 seconds or less. This app allows users to creatively express and capture emotions, stories, jokes, and much more.


Audiograph functions as a shareable podcast community that provides an enhanced level of engagement with listeners and podcasters alike. It provides a convenient platform for the creation and sharing of podcast clips.


Co-founded by Joe Taylor, Touchbase is a company revolutionizing video conferencing and the audio Internet sector. Their comprehensive solution aims to augment the virtual communication experience in modern workplaces.


Soniox, founded by Klemen Simonic, taps into the power of artificial intelligence in audio computing. Through its proprietary self-supervised AI, it aims to transform our ability to understand and use audio by boosting speech recognition accuracy.


Neiro, the brainchild of Paul Shaburov, works on digitizing human interaction through hyper-personalized videos/audio. Using realistic digital avatars, Neiro seeks to provide a new way of communicating.


Synth, co-founded by Suneel Matham, Urvin Soneta, and Vaibhav Saxena, is an app that captures information in multiple formats and delivers a searchable database of captured audio, text, and video data.

Synthetic Media Processing Laboratory (SMPL)

The Synthetic Media Processing Laboratory (SMPL) under the stewardship of founders Jonathan Christensen and Koen Vos, is focused on making online interactions safer and more natural regardless of the location or device utilized.

Siavash Records

Siavash Records, owned by Siavash Shahsavari, is a cultural and artistic company based in Vienna, Austria that is making a significant contribution to the music industry through multiple channels.

Growth Path Labs

Led by Michelle Tandler, Growth Path Labs is an audio-first learning company. They create audio courses designed for optimal professional growth with easy-to-digest 20-minute episodes.

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