Cupertino’s Emerging Art Industry: Spotlight on Californian Startups

In the heart of Silicon Valley, the thriving city of Cupertino, California is a hub for innovative startups in cutting-edge industries like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Analytics, among others. Fueled by the city’s tech centric ethos, this wave of startups, many of which were established in 2020 or later, are using AI and other technologies to revolutionize a multitude of sectors. In this article, we bring you a list of notable companies making waves in this space.

Cupertino’s advantageous proximity to world-class educational institutions, a thriving multinational trendsetting ecosystem, and a deeply ingrained tech culture, offers a fertile ground for these startups. Their diverse applications of AI and ML technology bear testament to the transformative power of tech. Let’s delve into these outstanding startups for a closer look at their vision, mission, and offerings.

It’s important to note, however, that these companies aren’t just using AI and machine learning for the sake of it. They’re leveraging these technologies to solve tangible problems in their respective industries in a novel, effective, and impactful way.


Co-founded by Sushil Jha, 3Analytics is an AI-safety analytics and compliance automation platform designed to prevent fatalities and save lives. Launched in 2020, it primarily serves pharmaceutical and medical device companies by helping them mitigate risks from adverse events and manage FDA compliance swiftly and cost-efficiently.


Fyrii, founded by Padma Subramanian, aims to empower individual experts to brand and monetize their innovative potential while driving organizational growth. Their AI-based platform offers an innovative method for thinkers and experts to monetize their potential directly.


Refiberd, co-founded by Mingyue (Ida) Wang, Sarika Bajaj, and Tushita Gupta, pioneers AI and robotics-based textile recycling systems that sort and recycle unsorted, discarded textiles into fresh ones. This AI integration paves the way for cost-effective and environmentally friendly textile recycling.

Aidaptive, powered by Jarvis ML

Funded by Dell Technologies Capital, SHAKTI, and more than a dozen veteran Silicon Valley technologists and business leaders, Aidaptive, powered by Jarvis ML, is an AI startup that aims to empower any sized eCommerce or hospitality brands with enterprise-grade machine learning. Founded by Rakesh Yadav, the Jarvis ML team has more than 50+ years of combined machine learning experience.


AITOMATIC, founded by veteran Christopher Nguyen, works to encode domain expertise, combines machine learning, and automates everything. Comprising of experienced Google, Amazon, and Apple veterans, AITOMATIC offers unique AI-engineering tech and a deep understanding of challenges in the field.

Qtis AI

Qtis AI, co-founded by Joel Bevavides, Mark Swartz, and Nagmeh Hamidian, operates in the intersection of AI and healthcare. While specific details about the company are yet to be revealed, Qtis AI is one of the promising startups to watch out for in the coming years.

The companies listed above showcase promising glimpses into the future of the intersection of AI and a multitude of sectors. Leveraging machine learning and AI, they present unique solutions to long-standing challenges while pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. Keep an eye on them as they pave the way for pioneering developments in their respective fields.

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