Showcasing Top Los Angeles Asset Management Startups in Sunny California

California has been a hotbed for startups in recent years, with Los Angeles rising to prominence as a hub for innovative businesses. The asset management industry, in particular, has seen an influx of startups providing investment opportunities in a myriad of asset classes, from traditional to unconventional. Their unique business models and fresh perspectives have proven to be a welcome addition to the finance sector. This article celebrates these startups, all born in 2020 or later and headquartered in the City of Angels.

These startups have already made a significant impact in the asset management industry despite their relative infancy. They are turning heads with their ingenuity and forward-thinking approaches, which prioritize diversity in investment offerings and capitalize on technology’s potential to revolutionize investment processes. Both seasoned investors seeking diversification and novices looking for their first foray into the asset management world can find something of value in these companies.

Read on to discover seven Los Angeles-based startups disrupting the asset management industry that are destined to make waves in the future.


Founded by Alexander Cavendish and Suman Bannerjee, Hedonova is an alternative investment fund making an eclectic mix of investments — from wine and art to startups and real estate. Hedonova invests in asset classes with potential high returns that may be overlooked by traditional investors to offer its clients diversification opportunities and capitalize on these untapped markets. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Tailwind Acquisition

Founded by Chris Hollod and Philip Krim, Tailwind Acquisition is a purpose-built investment company. Born from their extensive investment experience and shared vision of technology companies, they seek merger and acquisition opportunities with technology-oriented companies. This allows them to partner with world-class founding and executive teams. More about Tailwind Acquisition can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Hope Street Funding & Realty

Hope Street Funding & Realty is a full-service real estate company offering a wide range of services. These include real estate listings, marketing, asset management, and lending services. They also offer loan origination and brokerage, construction management among others. The company’s comprehensive service offerings make it a one-stop shop for real estate and financial solutions. Reach them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Flex One Capital

Founded by Ildefonso Medel, Flex One Capital is a company providing credit and financial asset management services. Specifics about the company’s services and mandates are scarce, but we’re interested in seeing where they take their initiatives in the future. You can stay updated with the company’s progress on their LinkedIn or Facebook pages.

Argus Asset Management

Argus Asset Management focuses on developing, providing, and maintaining residential properties. They offer private investment opportunities to accredited investors in joint ventures and facilitate leasing and purchase and sales of real property. Argus prides itself on providing customized solutions to meet the needs of both their partners and their company. Reach out to them on their LinkedIn.

Consta Capital

Consta Capital works in the venture capital space, focusing on the asset management industry. While specific details about their investment strategy and portfolio are unavailable, we are looking forward to seeing what this company will bring to the table in the coming years. To learn more about Consta Capital, visit their LinkedIn page.

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