Exploring LA-Based Augmented Reality Startups Transforming California’s Tech Landscape

Los Angeles, a city famed for its film and entertainment industry, has ventured into the sphere of augmented reality. Startups founded in 2020 or later have shown significant progress in breaking ground in the augmented reality industry. This article highlights innovative Los Angeles-based startups in the augmented reality industry.

The Augmented Reality (AR) technology has gained increased attention and investment thanks to its game-changing potential in a variety of sectors, from entertainment to ecommerce and beyond. California, especially Los Angeles, has become a central hub for AR innovation introducing a fresh wave of dynamic startups. These recently founded enterprises are at the forefront of AR’s evolution, creating interactive digital experiences that are transforming the way we see and interact with the world.

Here, we have curated a list of startups headquartered in Los Angeles, who are making strides in the AR industry since their inception in 2020 or later.


Specializing in the AR space, Mirrorscape is a promising startup in the computer software industry. Although the company’s founders remain anonymous, their promising venture has been generating noise in the tech industry. You can follow their updates on Facebook, Linkedin, and catch their latest tweets at @mirrorscapexr.

MR Augmented

Operating in the AR, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Software industry, MR Augmented is the first Web3 Social AR Blockchain Platform. Their objectives and projects remain confidential with only their founders being known. You can follow them on Twitter at @MRAugmented.


Founded by Dadong Hu, OneStopAR is an innovative AR company focusing on enhancing the e-commerce and digital marketing scene. The company believes in the potential of WebAR to improve customer understanding of client products and accelerate digital marketing strategies. Stay connected with OneStopAR on LinkedIn and their Facebook page.


MANNA, a startup based out of Los Angeles is using AR and VR technologies to take animation and gaming to the next level. Founding partners, Gennadiy Zhuga and Oleg Dre have developed an innovative real-time live performance animation and streaming platform. Connect with MANNA on LinkedIn and Facebook for more details.

Sunset Ventures

Founded by Antonio Key and Brandon Hoffman, Sunset Ventures is a versatile startup involved in AR, Blockchain, and Fintech among other areas. Follow them on LinkedIn and catch their latest updates on Twitter at @sunsetvc.


Best known for combining AR with fitness, MOVZ has created a platform for anyone to learn the latest and popular dances. With the availability of section breakdown and speed manipulation, MOVZ provides a solution that is both fun and efficient. Keep updated on their progress on LinkedIn.

These innovative startups exemplify the vibrant ecosystem of AR technology development currently underway in Los Angeles, California. From enhancing ecommerce experiences to revolutionizing fitness and live performances, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AR, making it an exciting field to watch.

In the fast-paced world of technology, startups are often seen as the torchbearers of innovation. With their agile approach and appetite for risk, these companies are often able to bring about significant advancements in relatively short timespans. Augmented Reality, with its vast potential, is a prime example of this. The technology is still in its early days, and as these startups show, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming years.

Each startup mentioned here has shown commendable agility to set up operations amidst a challenging business climate, and their progress is nothing short of impressive. We can’t wait to see how these ventures unfold, shaping the future of Augmented Reality technology.

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