Emerging Business Intelligence Startups Dominating the California Tech Scene

California, a region known for its innovative spirit and trend-setting ideas, has once again proven its prowess by being home to some of the most promising startups operating in the Business Intelligence industry. These companies have made remarkable strides despite having their inception in 2020 or later. Not only have they managed to thrive during challenging times, but have also showcased unparalleled potential for growth and innovation.

Emerging from various cities of California, these startups are changing the face of the Business Intelligence industry, offering unique solutions to age-old problems, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to serve businesses around the world. In this article, we will introduce some of these power-packed startups heading from California.

Let’s dive in and explore these dynamic startups in detail.


Based in San Francisco, Datafold is a prominent player in fields like Analytics, Big Data, and Business Intelligence. Founded by Alex Morozov and Gleb Mezhanskiy, Datafold focuses on automating analytical data quality management. The cutting-edge tools developed by Datafold help companies extract more value from their analytical data by streamlining data quality monitoring and simplifying Data Engineering workflows. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Another San Francisco-based startup, Canvas, creatively disrupts the Business Intelligence industry with its data visualization software. Canvas connects to various apps and data sources, allowing users to build intuitive dashboards. Founded by Luke Zapart, Ryan Buick, and Will Pride, Canvas helps startups get data-driven without spending a fortune. They can be reached through their LinkedIn profile.


Thunder is a management consulting company based out of San Francisco. Co-founded by Carter Wigell and Lou Fox, Thunder is keen on unlocking business value with intelligent frameworks and Salesforce solutions. Their primary mission is aiding world-class brands in solving complex problems. Find them on LinkedIn.


PropTexx, founded by Josh Lamerton and Stefan Gunnarsson, specializes in developing AI and Machine Learning solutions for the real estate industry. Their goal is to improve the quality and representation of online property listings using a range of tech-driven methods. Catch their updates on LinkedIn.


In the field of Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), San Francisco-based Nucla is a key player. Founders Mark Silva and Nick Mathers have originated a platform that enhances the visibility of team’s engagement and assists global enterprise teams in dynamically sharing their company data. Check their Facebook and LinkedIn for more.


Sightfull, established in 2020 by Alex Litvak in San Francisco, is a developer of analytical software set to enable SaaS companies generate revenue growth quickly. They aim at continuously helping revops and other GTM leaders to test and adapt their strategic go-to-market decisions. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Headquartered in Pleasanton, Fullfeel is transforming the real estate industry with their cutting-edge property sales software platform. Founders Rupali Saiya and Sameer Saiya are enabling brokers, agents, and developers to create a smooth and informed buying process. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Lundi, founded by Alexandra Romanyshyna, Ekaterina Gushchina and Jonathan Romley, assists companies in finding and recruiting talent via AI. They help make global hiring a competitive advantage for companies worldwide. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.


Enroute, founded by Neil Fernandes, serves the Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence industry from San Francisco. The details of their specific services are not listed yet. Keep up with their journey on LinkedIn.


From Los Angeles we have Datance, an AI-powered data management and analysis platform. Founders Alireza Goudarzi, Gabriel Stempinski, Julien Hora are making data acquisition and treatment automated, reducing need for code-writing and being friendly for data analysts. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Innovation Intelligence

Lastly, from San Francisco, Innovation Intelligence, founded by Luiz Neto, is providing remarkable solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Information Technology. Learn more about their journey on LinkedIn.

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