Spotlight on Los Angeles Content Startups: Innovating California’s Digital Landscape

Los Angeles has long played a pivotal role in setting trends across the globe, particularly within the content creation, entertainment and digital media scenes. Nestled within the palm trees and stars walk of fame, you will find some of the most innovative tech startups emerging within the content industry. Ranging from sports marketplaces to blockchain collaborations, digital advertising and beyond, these LA-based companies are reshaping the world of online content and driving their industry into the future. Below, we’re shining the spotlight on a selection of these trendsetters, all of which were founded in 2020 or later.

These startups are leading the charge, adapting to the rapidly changing consumer landscape and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to meet the evolving needs of their audience. Despite various challenges, they continue to thrive and forge ahead, launching innovative solutions that are disrupting the status quo and elevating the content industry.

From creating immersive digital content for the entertainment industry to driving the future of personal finance, these startups are defining a new era of innovation that’s sure to set the tempo for the rest of the field. Read on to discover the companies that are pushing the envelope, inspiring change and making noteworthy contributions to their industries.

That’s No Moon

Founded by Michael Mumbauer, Nick Kononelos, Taylor Kurosaki, and Tina Kowalewski, That’s No Moon is making meaningful contributions to the entertainment industry through its innovative content creation solutions. They’re leveraging their creative prowess to deliver uniquely tailored products and services that are redefining entertainment as we know it.


A brainchild of Jonalyn Morris and Tracy Benson, Obsesh is the first of its kind all-inclusive peer-to-peer digital sports marketplace. Their mission is to transform athletes into owners of their future by providing them with resources and high-quality digital products. Further details can be found via their LinkedIn page and via their Twitter handle @obseshmedia.


Created by Aju Thomas and Erik Norgaard, HOLLYFY is an all-in-one platform for advertisers and entertainment/content creators. They employ easy-to-use software enabling the sourcing of collaborators, deploying smart contracts, and transferring funds, taking product placement and influencer marketing to new heights. Find more about them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and follow them on Twitter @GoHOLLYFY.


Founded by Larry Smith, Nimbus33 is dedicated to simplifying personal finance for its readers. By offering the latest ideas to make money, save money, and make smarter financial choices, Nimbus33 is guiding people towards better financial decisions.


Established by Stephanie Be, BUENA AI is revolutionizing the lifestyle, e-commerce and tourism sectors. Follow them on their social media pages @myBUENAlife on Facebook and Twitter, and keep up with the latest news on their LinkedIn page.

Library X

Library X is making a major leap towards improved soundtracks with its automated platform for the production of high-quality music, saving content creators from endless music searches and low-quality stock music. Find Library X on Facebook, LinkedIn, and follow them @libraryxmusic on Twitter.


Glossi is enabling businesses to design like a professional, creating impactful graphics from 3D models sans conventional production, camera or sets. Visit them on Facebook, LinkedIn and follow them @GlossiMade on Twitter.

Monstera Group

With a deep commitment to innovative content creation, Monstera Group is a leading player in digital media and the entertainment industry. Stay updated with their projects via their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Lauryn Danesh, DZL is revolutionizing the digital marketing field with its personalized strategies for cross-cultural integration and communication. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @dzl_digital.

Amplify RJ

Amplify RJ, founded by David Ryan Castro-Harris, is raising the awareness of Restorative Justice via digitals platform and providing interactive learning experiences. Explore more about Amplify RJ on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @amplifyrj.

Reasonable Volume

Committed to sparking curiosity, Reasonable Volume offers an array of services including content development, creative consulting and production. Follow them on Twitter @reasonablevol or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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