Emerging California-Based Startups Revolutionizing the Building Material Industry

California is quickly becoming a hub for startups, especially those within the Building Material industry. Companies sprung up in various cities throughout the state, reflecting a growing sector dedicated to reimagining the industry. The startups we will be highlighting today have been founded in 2020 or later and bring a fresh perspective in terms of technology, sustainability and innovative business models.

As young as they are, these startups are already making significant waves in the industry. From utilizing CO2 and other industrial wastes for concrete manufacturing to developing next-generation green building materials, they embody the innovative entrepreneurial spirit of California. They are an integral part of the evolution of the Building Material industry in the state, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, creation of new manufacturing processes and the progression of building technology.

We’ve compiled the companies located in California that are redefining the Building Material industry. These startups are developing solutions that tackle some of the most pressing environmental and societal challenges we face today. Let’s take a deeper look into each of these exciting startups that turned heads in 2020 and beyond:


Located in Los Angeles and founded by Gaurav Sant, CarbonBuilt is at the intersection of building material and manufacturing industries. Their innovative technology enables concrete manufacturing to drive greenhouse gas reductions through the utilization of CO2 and other industrial wastes. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Another Los Angeles-based startup, MAA’VA is revolutionizing the building material industry by developing next generation of green building materials that functionally replace concrete. By incorporating recycled plastics, carbon sequestration, and upcycling of manufacturing waste, they are providing a unique solution to various global crises. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Based in Los Angeles, Beefurni is changing the game in the building material and eCommerce industry. They offer a diverse range of products from kitchen accessories to outdoor wooden furniture. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Bella Marble

Situated in San Diego, Bella Marble operates in the building material, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. Find them on LinkedIn.


Founders Ashish Chandra and Shaily Garg have established GlobalFair in San Mateo. This B2B platform simplifies the procurement of building materials, combining tech with industry needs. Follow their updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Techo Real Estate Capital

Based in San Francisco, Techo Real Estate Capital, founded by JP Ackerman and Paul Stockamore, is dedicated to creating and preserving attainable housing. Discover more about them on LinkedIn.

ABCabinet San Jose

ABCabinet San Jose specializes in producing cabinets, countertops, panels, and trim with various textures and colors. Get to know them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Urban Machine

Founded by Alex Thiele, Andrew Gillies, and Eric Law, Oakland-based Urban Machine is a construction company that creates locally sourced premium lumber products from reclaimed wood waste. Find more information about them on LinkedIn.

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