Emerging Los Angeles Advertising Startups Thriving in California’s Innovative Landscape

As technology continues to push boundaries and transform industries everywhere, the advertising industry is no exception.
From influencer marketing to digital media strategies, innovative startups on the west coast are changing the game. This article highlights some of the exceptional startups in Los Angeles, California, which have started post-2020 and are making significant strides in the Advertising industry. These companies showcase ingenuity, innovation, and the Californian spirit at its finest.

They use cutting-edge technology and creative solutions to redefine advertising, digital marketing, and more.
From developing platforms to manage influencer relationships to creating graphics without traditional production equipment, these startups are at the forefront of the industry. With founders who are driven by passion and the desire to create impactful solutions, these Los Angeles startups are definitely worth your attention.

Here, we’ve put together a list of some of the most innovative, promising, and exciting startups in Los Angeles. These companies are reshaping the advertising industry with their revolutionary ideas and technology-driven solutions.


Founded by Christian Brown and Dylan Duke, Glewee is an application-based platform that mixes influencer search and collaboration tools. This innovative startup helps brands manage their relationships with influencers, plan and launch ad campaigns, and provides collaboration tools to ensure effective advertising strategies. Check out their LinkedIn page for more information about the company.

Unruly Agency

Unruly Agency takes the art of digital marketing a step further. Specializing in professional advertising and social media marketing, Unruly Agency is creatively transforming the ad industry. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social Snowball

As the name suggests, Social Snowball operates in the spaces of Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, and Marketing, aiming at transformation through innovation. Their presence can be followed on LinkedIn and Facebook.

RealEyes Digital

Founded by Frank Lee and Keith Wilson, RealEyes Digital specializes in advertising, digital marketing, and marketing. The company is a key player in the industry with its innovative strategies and business models. Check out their LinkedIn and Facebook pages to find out more.

Just Slide Media

Just Slide Media, led by founder Steven Sesar, prioritizes business growth and alignment with business objectives. The company creates apps that drive revenue and ensures to maximize your business growth. More info available on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


At the intersection of advertising and software, you will find GIVESPACE. Founded by Candice Dietz and Connie Derry, this company optimizes the use of resources to generate value. Check them out here.


Glossi enables businesses to design like professionals. This creative agency works with businesses of all sizes to bring their products to life. More info about Glossi can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.

UrsaStar Media

UrsaStar Media specializes in advertising, marketing, SEO, and social media. The firm boasts a team of creative marketing specialists and developers who work together to generate traffic through optimized websites. You can follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Baby Lion Media

Baby Lion Media, founded by Jerry Digby and Ramon Nuñez, leaves a footprint in the advertising industry by offering services in digital marketing, film production, and graphic design. Follow them on LinkedIn to stay updated about their work.


Alpen&Glo is a multifaceted firm that provides marketing, brand strategy, social media, and digital marketing services among others. From startups to product launch, Alpen&Glo covers a wide spectrum. Do follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Arthur Chan, FCA is based in Los Angeles and develops creative and media campaigns for studios and innovative businesses alike. Follow FCA on LinkedIn and Twitter to see their latest works.

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