San Francisco B2B Startups: Rising Stars of California’s Tech Industry

San Francisco is a hotbed for startups, in particular those in the B2B sector. As the heart of the tech industry, there’s no shortage of creative and groundbreaking companies establishing their roots within the city. The following is a snapshot of newer startups – those that began in 2020 or later – that are making waves in the B2B industry. From software developers and SaaS providers to B2B marketplaces, these San Francisco-based startups have certainly earned their place in the spotlight.

Despite the ongoing pandemic and the economic downturn, entrepreneurs and innovators have continued to find unique solutions and come up with new businesses to serve a variety of industries. While the Silicon Valley is known for producing some of the most successful tech companies worldwide, today we shine a spotlight on San Francisco, a city teeming with innovative startups aiming to revolutionize the B2B industry.

Each of these startups brings a unique product or service to the table, addressing specific needs in the B2B sector that other existing solutions have failed to meet satisfactorily. From helping teams interact with each other natively to enabling anyone to start and grow their fashion business with minimum risk, these San Francisco-based startups have a shared goal of innovating and evolving their respective industries.


Rattle integrates Salesforce technology and allows systems and people to interact natively in Slack or Teams. Established in 2020 by Sahil Aggarwal, Apoorva Verma, and Milan Singh, it provides a platform for all customer-facing departments in an organization. Sales representatives can log their calls, track key metrics, and update opportunities. You can connect with Rattle on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Trendsi is an online fashion B2B marketplace that allows sellers to build their businesses by providing wholesale inventory. No upfront inventory or subscription cost, one-stop access to quality merchandise at great prices. Founded by Ella Zhang, Maddie Davidson, and Sherwin Xia, the company aims to revolutionize the fashion market. Follow Trendsi on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Uiflow is a no-code platform that empowers its users to build production applications using their enterprise data. Established in 2020 by Sol Eun and Eric Rowell, it aims to make software development accessible to all, regardless of technical skill levels. Connect with Uiflow on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Calixa is a go-to-market (GTM) platform that turns data into an intuitive and actionable app layer for all customer-facing teams. Founded by Thomas Schiavone, it collects a company’s data from various platforms and converts it into something useful for teams. You can connect with Calixa on LinkedIn and their official Twitter page.

Buyerassist enables revenue teams to deliver superior buyer experiences. Co-founded by Amit Dugar, Shankar Ganapathy, and Shyam HN, the startup allows revenue teams to collaborate and better understand their customers’ top priorities. Check out BuyerAssist on LinkedIn.


Established by Koustubha Deshpande, Simplified is an integrated design platform where freelancers and entrepreneurs can collaborate to scale and develop their content effortlessly and beautifully.

Flexspace Technologies Inc

Flexspace offers an easy-to-use platform for companies that allow their employees to discover, book, and manage on-demand workspaces with no commitment or upfront cost. Led by Eyal Lasker, Flexspace caters mainly to workspace providers. Learn more about Flexspace on their LinkedIn account.


Insquad is an IT services company that offers high-quality remote software engineering talent to US and EU-based companies. With an AI-vetting algorithm and more than 100,000 developers in their database, the company provides clients with fast solutions for scaling development teams. Insquad was founded by Alex Svinov. Connect with Insquad on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Moe Nada, SupportFinity is a free, AI-powered recruitment software that offers all in one experience for businesses of all sizes to hire best talents. Connect with SupportFinity on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Alex Litvak and Noam Liran, Sightfull develops analytical software to conduct effective data analysis. Their platform enables revops and go-to-market leaders to continuously assess strategic decisions and adapt based on actionable insights. Follow Sightfull on Twitter and LinkedIn.


At EOXS, a team of world-class IT executives optimize technology, systems, processes, and people to improve business outcomes. Founded by Rajat Jain, EOXS provides solutions for mid-market companies that help them achieve their vision and outsmart their competition. Connect with EOXS on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these startups are just a few examples of how vibrant and innovative the B2B industry in San Francisco is. Despite the economic hardships caused by the pandemic, these companies continue to rise and shine, proving that innovation and creativity can thrive even in the most challenging conditions.

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