Exploring Los Angeles’ Next Generation California-Based 3D Tech Startups

Los Angeles, the city of stars, is rapidly becoming the city of startups. In the vibrant and diverse field of 3D technology, a host of young companies founded in 2020 or later have started to make waves. Here we present an exciting roster of fresh-faced firms taking 3D technology to dizzying new heights with innovations in gaming, fashion, video editing, and more.

From the world of film production to the frontier of virtual reality and augmented reality, these Los Angeles-based startups represent the cutting edge of technology. Embracing the pillars of innovation, creativity, and disruption, they are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the 3D space.

Let’s get to know these rising stars and explore their unique offerings, distinguished founders, and ambitious visions for the future. All of these incredible companies were born in the hard times of 2020 and onwards, proving that innovation thrives in adversity.


Founded by Daniel Citron, Backlot is a media agency offering a wide array of services including animation, graphic design, filmmaking, and videography. This technological powerhouse in the film industry allows filmmakers to render their entire film in 3D, significantly mitigating the risks and expenses of film production typically handled by large teams of industry professionals. You can connect with Backlot through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Ethereal Engine

Ethereal Engine is pioneering the 3D technology industry with its wide-ranging offerings, including AR, geospatial maps, digital beings, XR Bridge, and 3D space. Their exciting, boundary-breaking projects are reshaping the gaming and video landscape. Get in touch with Ethereal Engine on their Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

Final Pixel

Final Pixel is not shy to break new ground with their cutting-edge virtual production services. This remarkable California startup has redefined the film production landscape with its suite of services, such as 3D modeling and consulting, accommodating various mediums like film, TV, and LED. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.


Founders Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova have created a game-changer with DRESSX, an ambitious fashion startup offering digital-only collections. This inventive concept allows customers to virtually try on outfits, sharing their fashion-forward looks across various digital platforms. Engage with DRESSX on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.


Founded by Alexander Shortt and Benjamin Ha in 2020, Muse is making the 3D internet accessible by transforming 2D websites into virtual 3D websites. This innovative approach is creating new opportunities for creators and brands to engage with their audiences. You can contact Muse through their Twitter and Linkedin profiles.


Clay, founded by Phillippe Siclait and Sebastien Siclait in 2021, simplifies the process of 3D modeling by allowing artists to upload a model, share a link, and provide and view feedback in real-time. This streamlined process is revolutionizing the field of 3D model creation. Connect with Clay via their LinkedIn page.


One of the leading lights in the realm of 3D Technology, Media and Entertainment, and Video Streaming, MetaCentral is pushing the boundaries of innovation. Be sure to follow them on LinkedIn.


Hypothetic, founded by Jason Crawford, Pablo Wiedemann, Simon Wiedemann, and Talmaj Marinč in 2021, is committed to empowering 3D creators by offering advanced tech tools. They are an emerging talent in the realm of 3D tech, developing a prominent position among content creators, video game companies, and more. For more information about Hypothetic’s offerings, check them out on LinkedIn.


ETTA offers a personalized shopping platform that allows for simplified size and fit selections. Through the use of 3D technology, customers can reduce return rates and enjoy a personalized shopping experience. ETTA promotes more sustainable shopping practices by reducing CO2 emissions with more accurate fittings. Engage with ETTA on LinkedIn.

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