Exploring San Francisco’s Innovative California-Based 3D Technology Startups

In recent years the startup scene in San Francisco, particularly, in the 3D technology sector, has witnessed a surge of innovation and scope, leading to an increasing number of startups joining this expanding industry. Taking a closer look at some of these companies, one can see that these startups are harnessing the potential of this technology in a myriad of industries from environmental consulting and gaming to real estate and fintech.

Yet, their combined efforts are transforming the face of 3D technology, developing novel approaches and solutions that are set to redefine the future of this sector. From AI-tool development for creating 3D models, 3D technology integration in the fashion industry to the gamut of 3D applications in digital identities and virtual beings.

In this article, we will highlight some of the startups that began in 2020 or later, expanding their footprint in the 3D technology industry in San Francisco to better understand their contribution to this dynamic and exciting sector.


3DUndersea, a nonprofit startup, specializes in leveraging 3D Technology for environmental consulting. While specific founder information and company description are unavailable, their unique approach to integrating 3D technology into environmental initiatives continues to make waves in the industry.


Founded by Atalay Taskoparan, Dr. Ali Peker, Dr. Kerem Par, and Kamil Guclu, Capoom develops AI tools for automating the creation of photorealistic, lightweight, intelligent, and accurate 3D models covering all residential areas of the world. Their applications range from gaming and interactive media to simulations and real estate.


Scenario, adept at utilizing 3D technology to model 3D objects application for the metaverse, was founded by Emmanuel de Maistre, Hervé Nivon, and Victor Ceitelis. They focus on creating 3D experiences that aid in scanning and capturing anything in the world with a smartphone.


Co-founded by Cecilia Uhr and Julian Park, Bezel is a collaborative platform established for 3D technology and product design projects. Their area of expertise and the specifics of their work are yet to be provided.

Infinite Fashion

Infinite Fashion has leveraged 3D technology to disrupt the fashion industry. The artificial intelligence and machine learning elements of their work differentiate them from traditional fashion brands and designers, though more details about their founders and objectives are yet to be disclosed.

Symbiote AI

Recognised for its innovative use of 3D technology, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, Symbiote AI was founded by Taehoon Kim. It pioneers the development of an avatar social network where users can transform themselves into 3D avatars.


TPD, founded by Khalid Alomari, is a Media and IT firm implementing 3D Technology in animation and film production. TPD is particularly invested in collaborating with FinTech Technologies to enhance Production innovatively.

Hologram Labs

Hologram Labs, co-founded by Hongzi Mao and Tong Pow, offers a platform for digital identities and virtual beings. Its work, grounded on the latest developments in 3D, machine learning, and web3, allows a community to create, own, and engage with immersive virtual characters, goods, and experiences.

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