Exploring Sacramento’s Rising Stars in Californian Consulting Startup Scene

California has long been a hub for entrepreneurship, business, and innovation. The state’s diverse economy and talent pool have spurred the growth of countless startups, many of which can be found in Sacramento. Here, in the heart of the Golden State, a new generation of companies has taken root, with ventures in the Consulting industry playing a formidable role in the state’s continuing economic growth. Standout startups established in 2020 or later have demonstrated promising potential, growing quickly while carving out their unique niches.

The Consulting industry is diverse and ever-evolving, encompassing areas like management consulting, business strategy, financial consulting, and more. At its core, it involves aiding companies and institutions in solving problems, creating value, improving business performance, and maximizing growth. Sacramento’s vibrant startup scene is creating waves in the consulting sector, offering innovative solutions and services for a wide range of needs.

Let us take a moment to spotlight a handful of these startups. Each of these young companies has demonstrated remarkable growth potential and vision, and each is poised to make a significant impact, not just in California, but potentially on a national and global scale.


Edge is a Sacramento-based company that specializes in consulting, insurance, outsourcing, and professional services. Founded by Iffi Wahla, the company offers a range of services designed to provide unique and innovative solutions to business challenges. You can connect with Edge on LinkedIn.

Futuro Health

Improving the health and wealth of communities, Futuro Health offers education and health care services. They have created a network of credentialed allied healthcare workers to provide quality care. Follow their progress on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Offering healthcare management services, Yoda utilizes technology to provide solutions for business needs. The company’s services include financial management, application development, and management consulting. Discover more about Yoda on their LinkedIn page.

Access Corporate Housing

Access Corporate Housing provides consulting and professional services within the real estate sector from their base in Sacramento. Learn more through their LinkedIn profile.


Specializing in consulting, outsourcing, recruiting, and staffing agency sphere, Talentamp strives to help businesses succeed. Connect with Talentamp on theirLinkedIn page.

Far I Vision

Far I Vision offers consulting, mentorship, and coaching services while focusing on leveraging resources and recognizing cultural interdependency. Follow their journey on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Peel Software Development

Covering a range of areas including analytics, apps, consulting, information technology and software, Peel Software Development is on the forefront of their industry. Check out their progress on LinkedIn.


As a software start-up, Traindata specializes in high precision and quality annotations of NLP data, Bounding Box, Polygon, Circle, Point and Cuboidal data. Founded by Karthik Vasudevan, the company is making strides in this fast-growing technology space. Connect with them on Twitter.

GTM Pace

Founded by Steve Semenzato, GTM Pace offers a methodology and business advising service designed to assist Seed and A round organizations. Founded in 2022, the company is already making waves in the business development and professional services sector.

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