Leading Los Angeles Construction Startups Amplifying California’s Building Industry

The rise of startups in the construction industry hailing from the sunshine state of California has been quite significant. With an inception year of 2020 or later, many of these startups are formulating and developing innovative solutions that are bound to transform the construction industry. Headquartered in the thriving city of Los Angeles, these startups are not only contributing to the economy but also presenting environmentally sustainable and effective solutions.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of these startups, detailing their core functioning, the unique value they bring to the table, and the solutions they offer, especially in the construction industry. With a focus on advanced technologies and eco-friendly materials, these start-ups are geared towards changing the landscape of the construction industry.

From green building materials to apps and software that aid in various aspects of construction, these startups offer an array of services. Here are some of the incredible startups that have been making waves in the construction industry:


Based in Los Angeles and specializing in Architecture, Building Material, Construction, and Manufacturing, MAA’VA is pioneering the next generation of green building materials. They make use of recycled plastics, carbon sequestration, and upcycling of manufacturing waste to create materials that can replace concrete. This eco-material is designed for both conventional and 3D printing construction, potentially revolutionizing the future of the construction industry. Connect with MAA’VA on LinkedIn.


With its headquarter in Los Angeles, Spackle is contributing to the construction industry with a user-friendly application that simplifies the work order process. By providing real-time information about the stage of the work order, Spackle is enabling general contractors and subcontractors to manage their service work and projects in an easier and more efficient way.


Based in Los Angeles, Construct is an E-Commerce platform that is providing a marketplace for the construction industry. Although no explicit description was provided, the company’s services are being availed of by industry professionals and businesses looking for a streamlined portal for construction services. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Operating in the spaces of Collaboration, Construction, Industrial, Messaging, and Productivity Tools, Hivot is another startup based in Los Angeles. While no specific description was made available, they are working on making a mark in these industries. Connect with Hivot on LinkedIn.


Buildern is an all-in-one residential construction project management software designed for both home building and commercial construction industries. With features such as construction project management, start-to-finish financial management, and streamlined administrative processes, Buildern is a solution that addresses the complex project processes in construction management. Connect with Buildern on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Los Angeles based startup CiTEDD is an IT solution provider for the construction industry. Their services include e-government solution, international business advisory, financial technology, infrastructure technology, green technology construction solution, cloud technology solution, e-learning system, and agriculture technology services. Connect with CiTEDD on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Operating in the construction and E-Commerce industries, provides a platform for users to register and publish articles related to the construction sector. They offer a digital inventory of assets to help users manage expenses and streamline the rental process. Connect with on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Vika Living

Vika Living is a construction startup operating from Los Angeles. No description was provided for this company, but they are making strides in the construction industry. Connect with Vika Living on LinkedIn


Based in Los Angeles, Pirros operates in the fields of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate. Through their platform, they provide engineers and architects with a means of managing and searching their past project details, facilitating more efficient project management. Connect with Pirros on LinkedIn.

The innovation and transformational work that these startups are doing is remarkable. We can look forward to many more exciting advancements in the construction industry from these Los Angeles based startups.

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