in Secures $55 Million in Series C Funding to Drive AI Software Innovation

Revolutionizing Autonomous Driving and Robotics through Next-Generation AI Solutions

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic Funding:, a pioneer in next-generation AI software for autonomous driving and robotics, has successfully raised $55 million in its Series C financing round. This funding is set to propel the development of groundbreaking AI solutions for high-end ADAS, L4 autonomous driving, and robotics applications.
  • Prominent Investors: Leading the funding round is Freeman Group, accompanied by investments from ACVC Partners, Amplo, as well as strategic contributions from notable entities such as Honda Motor, Goodyear Ventures, and Sungwoo Hitech. This latest infusion brings’s total funding to $102 million.
  • Visionary Leadership:’s CEO, Vlad Voroninski, emphasizes the significance of their “Deep Teaching” technology, which facilitates the rapid delivery of AI software to OEMs and Tier 1 companies. The software is hardware-agnostic and expedites the route to market, while promoting software differentiation through advanced ADAS and L4 systems.
  • Market Demand:’s innovative approach comes at a pivotal time in the autonomous vehicle industry, as the demand for comprehensive and robust autonomous driving solutions continues to rise, and traditional technologies face challenges in meeting these evolving needs.
  • Robust Partnerships: The funding reinforces’s ability to forge partnerships in the automotive and robotics sectors, further solidifying their presence in these markets and contributing to their continued growth and impact.

About Shaping the Future of AI in Mobility is a trailblazing force in the realm of AI software, reshaping the landscape of autonomous driving and robotics. Founded in Menlo Park, CA, in November 2016, is dedicated to revolutionizing the way AI software is developed, propelling the creation of scalable solutions that redefine the possibilities of autonomous mobility.

Unveiling the Series C Funding: Empowering Innovation’s latest milestone is marked by the successful acquisition of $55 million in Series C funding. This funding influx is set to fuel the creation of advanced AI solutions tailored for high-end ADAS, L4 autonomous driving, and robotics applications. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve, is primed to drive substantial technological advancements in these domains.

Strategic Investors: Visionaries Supporting Innovation

Leading the Series C funding round is Freeman Group, a prominent player in private investment and asset management. This strategic collaboration resonates with’s mission and vision, as Freeman Group has a history of investing in ventures associated with CEO Vlad Voroninski.

Other key investors include venture capital firms ACVC Partners and Amplo, showcasing the widespread industry recognition of’s innovative approach. Additionally, strategic investments from esteemed entities such as Honda Motor, Goodyear Ventures, and Sungwoo Hitech further solidify’s position as a frontrunner in AI-powered solutions for autonomous mobility and robotics.

Shaping the Landscape of AI Software: The “Deep Teaching” Advantage

CEO Vlad Voroninski emphasizes’s unique approach, describing their “Deep Teaching” technology as the driving force behind their success. This approach facilitates the swift delivery of best-in-class AI software to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 companies. What sets this technology apart is its hardware-agnostic nature, which expedites the journey to market and empowers differentiation through cutting-edge ADAS and L4 systems.

Unveiling’s Vision: Accelerating Growth

Vlad Voroninski, the CEO behind’s visionary journey, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Prior to co-founding, he served as Chief Scientist at Sift Security, a cybersecurity machine learning startup. This venture was seeded by Freeman Group and later acquired by Netskope. With a track record of transformative innovation, Vlad Voroninski’s leadership is propelling’s growth and development.

Freeman Group’s Continued Support: A Partnership of Impact

Freeman Group’s involvement in’s Series C round is a testament to the lasting partnership between’s leadership and Freeman Group. This is the third instance of Freeman Group’s investment in ventures associated with CEO Vlad Voroninski. The history of collaborative success, coupled with Freeman Group’s insights, makes this strategic investment a powerful catalyst for’s journey.

Navigating a Shifting Landscape:’s Unique Position

As the autonomous vehicle sector undergoes a paradigm shift, emerges as a beacon of innovation. Traditional autonomous driving companies are facing challenges, leading to the opening of opportunities for next-generation technologies.’s focus on generalized, hardware-agnostic AI solutions positions them at the forefront of this transformation.

Industry Accolades and Momentum:’s Record Adoption’s approach to AI solutions has resonated with the industry, evident in their record adoption. Their strategy of creating AI solutions that are adaptable across hardware platforms positions them as a prime choice for diverse customers seeking comprehensive solutions for autonomous driving and robotics.

The Journey Ahead: Embracing Opportunities’s future is filled with promise, fueled by their innovative spirit and strategic funding. The company is set to make its mark in the automotive and robotics sectors, and their presence is bound to grow in the coming months and years.

Joining Exploring Innovations and Opportunities

Interested in learning more about’s groundbreaking solutions? You can catch them at upcoming events like the IAA Mobility Summit in Munich, Germany, and TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. These events provide opportunities to discover’s innovations, request demos, and explore potential career paths with the company.

About Pioneering AI for Autonomous Mobility’s journey began in 2016, with a mission to redefine the possibilities of AI in autonomous driving and robotics. Their commitment to innovation, adaptability, and scalability positions them as a leader in the development of AI software solutions. For more insights into’s products, SDK, and career opportunities, visit their website at or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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