Rondo Energy: Leading the Charge in Industrial Decarbonization with $60 Million Funding

Empowering Global Giants and Climate Investors to Accelerate Clean Energy Solutions

Key Takeaways

  • Game-Changing Financing: Rondo Energy, a pioneering force in zero-carbon industrial heat and power solutions, has successfully secured $60 million in funding. This significant capital injection will propel the expansion of Rondo Heat Batteries (RHBs) worldwide and revolutionize the global energy storage landscape.
  • Diverse Investor Consortium: The funding drive has garnered support from an array of influential backers, including established players like Rio Tinto, Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund, Aramco Ventures, SABIC, SCG, and TITAN. Notable climate investors such as Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Energy Impact Partners, SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust (SEEIT), and John Doerr have also rallied behind Rondo Energy.
  • Strategic Advisory Board Formation: Acknowledging the profound impact of these strategic investors, Rondo Energy has established a Strategic Investor Advisory Board (SIAB) comprising industrial giants like Rio Tinto, Aramco Ventures, SABIC, SCG, TITAN, and SEEIT. This board will spearhead decarbonization initiatives worldwide.
  • Innovative Decarbonization: Rondo Energy’s breakthrough technology, represented by Rondo Heat Batteries, addresses the monumental challenge of decarbonizing industries that rely heavily on high-temperature heat. By harnessing low-cost renewable electricity, these batteries offer an efficient solution to transform the energy-intensive sector, reducing both costs and carbon emissions.

Rondo Energy: Pioneering a Clean Energy Future

Rondo Energy, a trailblazing force in the field of clean energy, is at the forefront of industrial decarbonization. With a relentless commitment to innovation, Rondo Energy is redefining the landscape of energy storage through the deployment of cutting-edge solutions that enable industries to transition toward a zero-carbon future.

Catalyst for Change: The $60 Million Funding Initiative

Rondo Energy’s groundbreaking journey receives a substantial boost with an infusion of $60 million in funding. This financial injection is poised to drive the global deployment of Rondo Heat Batteries (RHBs), a technology that has the potential to reshape energy storage paradigms on a global scale. This initiative signifies a significant step forward in the company’s mission to transform the industrial energy sector.

Uniting Industry Titans and Climate Advocates: A Diverse Investor Consortium

The allure of Rondo Energy’s vision has captured the attention and support of a diverse group of investors. The lineup includes industrial powerhouses such as Rio Tinto, SABIC, Aramco Ventures, and SCG, each contributing their expertise and resources to drive innovation. At the same time, prominent climate investors like Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Energy Impact Partners, SEEIT, and John Doerr have rallied behind Rondo’s mission.

Formation of the Strategic Investor Advisory Board (SIAB)

Recognizing the significance of these strategic partnerships, Rondo Energy has formed a Strategic Investor Advisory Board (SIAB) that features industry leaders including Rio Tinto, SABIC, SCG, TITAN, and SEEIT. This board is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping and executing decarbonization projects that hold the potential to transform industries worldwide.

Empowering Industries Through Innovation: Rondo Heat Batteries

Rondo Energy’s core innovation, the Rondo Heat Battery (RHB), addresses the challenge of decarbonizing industries that heavily rely on high-temperature heat for their operations. Industrial processes spanning steel production to food manufacturing are driven by intense heat consumption, contributing significantly to carbon emissions. Rondo’s solution is rooted in harnessing low-cost renewable electricity to generate continuous, high-temperature clean heat, thereby enabling industries to transition toward cleaner energy sources.

Charting a Path Toward Industrial Decarbonization

The monumental significance of Rondo Heat Batteries lies in their potential to revolutionize energy storage and decarbonization. As industries account for a significant portion of global energy consumption, Rondo Energy’s technology offers a viable pathway to reduce carbon emissions. U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm’s Industrial Heat Shot Initiative underscores the urgency to address industrial heat emissions, making Rondo’s contributions even more crucial.

Leveraging Cost-Effective Solutions: Rondo’s Value Proposition

The declining costs of wind and solar power have positioned renewable energy sources as cost-effective alternatives to traditional fuel sources. Rondo Heat Batteries seize the opportunity to convert intermittent renewable power sources into a continuous supply of high-temperature clean heat, effectively addressing the energy requirements of various industries. This approach presents a more economically viable option compared to other technologies, making industrial decarbonization both achievable and affordable.

Milestones and Impact: Rondo’s Trail of Progress

In 2023, Rondo Energy achieved a groundbreaking milestone by initiating operations of its first commercial unit. This deployment substantially reduced the carbon intensity of biofuel produced by Calgren Renewable Fuels. Rondo’s project marked a significant feat by establishing the first commercially operational electric thermal energy storage system in the United States.

Scaling Up for a Sustainable Future

Rondo Energy’s partnership with Siam Cement Group (SCG) in 2023 paved the way for a Heat Battery storage production capacity of 2.4GWh/year, with ambitious plans to escalate this capacity to an impressive 90GWh/year. The scaling of Heat Battery storage production reflects Rondo’s commitment to expanding its reach and impact, ultimately driving industrial decarbonization on a global scale.

Innovation Anchored in Tradition: The Rondo Approach

Rondo Energy’s innovation is uniquely rooted in materials that heavy industries have employed for over a century for heating and heat storage: brick and iron wire. By leveraging these well-established materials, Rondo Energy has successfully mitigated safety, durability, and supply chain risks that often challenge emerging storage technologies. This innovative yet traditional approach exemplifies Rondo’s commitment to practical and effective solutions.

Aligning with Climate Goals: Rondo’s Crucial Role

In a landscape where both policymakers and business leaders are under increasing pressure to implement sustainable solutions, Rondo Energy’s technology emerges as a potent tool for rapid and profound decarbonization. The efficacy of Rondo’s solutions aligns with the imperative of achieving net-zero carbon emissions while delivering reliable and cost-effective energy solutions.

The Next Trillion-Dollar Market: Electrification of Industrial Heat

Dubbed “the next trillion-dollar market,” the electrification of industrial heat represents a transformative opportunity to reshape energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. Recent studies have emphasized the critical role of heat battery storage in realizing a decarbonized world. Rondo Energy’s contribution to this market holds the potential to revolutionize key industries and drive sustainable growth.

Investor Voices: Endorsement of Rondo’s Impact

Microsoft, a visionary in the tech industry, highlights Rondo Energy’s significance in accelerating the transition to low-carbon energy. Brandon Middaugh, Senior Director of Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund, emphasizes Rondo’s potential to facilitate the clean energy transition for industrial businesses.

Industry Endorsement: Rio Tinto’s Vision for Change

Rio Tinto, a global leader in the resources sector, echoes the importance of investing in innovative companies like Rondo Energy to expedite the growth of energy storage technologies. Nigel Steward, Chief Scientist at Rio Tinto, underscores Rondo’s role in addressing the challenge of making electrification of process heat efficient and viable.

A Commitment to Sustainability: SCG’s Collaboration with Rondo

Siam Cement Group (SCG) affirms its commitment to sustainability through collaboration with Rondo Energy. Thammasak Sethaudom of SCG expresses excitement about deploying Rondo’s technology in their operations, which will contribute to providing green, affordable heat to various industrial producers.

Paving the Path to Carbon Neutrality: SABIC’s Forward-Thinking Approach

SABIC Ventures aligns its investments with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. Dhaval Shah, General Manager of Corporate Technology & Innovation at SABIC, underscores Rondo’s technology as an enabler of renewable electricity for continuous industrial processes, aligning with SABIC’s decarbonization roadmap.

Revolutionizing Cement Production: TITAN Group’s Dedication to Sustainability

TITAN Group, a frontrunner in the building and infrastructure materials industry, underscores the importance of sustainable alternatives to reduce carbon footprint. Leonidas Canellopoulos, Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer of TITAN, emphasizes the collaboration with Rondo Energy as a pivotal step toward climate-friendly cement production.

Leading the Charge: SEEIT’s Commitment to Energy Efficiency

SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust (SEEIT), a constituent of the FTSE 250 index, recognizes Rondo Energy as a frontrunner in the thermal energy storage market. Jonathan Maxwell, CEO of Sustainable Development Capital LLP, emphasizes Rondo’s potential to drive cost-effective and clean ways to reduce carbon emissions.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures: A Strong Endorsement of Rondo’s Mission

Breakthrough Energy Ventures underscores the technical readiness of Rondo’s Heat Battery and its potential to expedite the transition to zero-carbon emissions. Carmichael Roberts, representing Breakthrough Energy Ventures, emphasizes the critical role of industrial heat and power in the market.

Energy Impact Partners: Celebrating Rondo’s Milestones

Energy Impact Partners applauds Rondo Energy’s progress since the initial investment. Sam Bursten, Principal at EIP, emphasizes the significance of deploying Rondo’s technology to decarbonize industrial heat and power, marking major milestones in Rondo’s journey.

Rondo Energy: Empowering Industrial Decarbonization Globally

With a dynamic blend of innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and climate-conscious investors, Rondo Energy is driving industrial decarbonization on a global scale. As the world grapples with the challenge of reducing carbon emissions, Rondo Energy’s contributions stand as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for sustainable change. Through its visionary approach and commitment to impactful solutions, Rondo Energy is poised to reshape the future of energy storage and decarbonization.

In a world where the need for sustainable energy solutions has never been more pressing, Rondo Energy emerges as a shining example of innovation and determination. With a strong foundation of support from industry leaders and climate advocates, Rondo Energy’s journey toward industrial decarbonization is set to make a lasting impact on both the energy landscape and the fight against climate change. Secures $55 Million in Series C Funding to Drive AI Software Innovation

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