Palo Alto’s Rising Stars: California’s New Wave of Cloud Security Startups

California is known for being a hub of innovative startups, and Palo Alto is no exception. This city has been a birthplace for many pioneering companies in a myriad of industries, one of the most important being Cloud Security. These cloud security startups in Palo Alto are creating cutting-edge technologies to ensure that businesses’ data is as safe as it can be in the cloud. This article will throw light on some of these startups, all of which were founded in 2020 or later.

In our digitally-oriented era, the need for cloud security solutions is becoming increasingly dire. From the protection of sensitive user and organizational data to strictly monitoring access, the expansiveness of cloud security is vast. Startups in this space are continually coming up with innovative solutions to tackle the ever-evolving threats to data security.

Here, we present to you some startups operating in the Cloud Security industry, headquartered in Palo Alto, California. These ventures show promise in their quest to build safer cyberspaces, firmer infrastructures, and contribute substantially to the Cloud Security landscape at large.


Veza helps users use and share their data safely. It promotes easy management and control over who can take what action on what data. Veza is funded by some heavy-weight investors, reflecting its increasing value and potential in the sector. You can follow them on their LinkedIn page and Twitter handle @vezainc.


Solvo offers an adaptive cloud infrastructure security platform that undertakes real-time monitoring across cloud architectures. With two-dimensional analytics, Solvo helps reduce the cloud attack surface, ensuring progressive growth in a secure manner. Get to know more about them on LinkedIn and Facebook, or follow them on Twitter @SolvoCloud.

Noname Security

Noname Security provides a unique platform for enterprises to see and secure managed and unmanaged APIs, safeguarding against data leakage and corruption. Stay updated about their progress via LinkedIn and Facebook, or follow their Twitter @NonameSecurity.

Permiso Security

Permiso Security’s vision and methodology remain a suspense as of the moment, but you can follow them for updates on LinkedIn and Twitter @permisosecurity.


Airavana aims to provide a comprehensive solution for data security, offering enterprise-grade security for protecting sensitive data and guarding against potential breaches. Keep an eye on their progress through their LinkedIn page or Twitter @AiravanaInc.


Dazz is a unique cloud security repair service provider, taking an innovative approach to cybersecurity. For more insights about their approach, you can visit their LinkedIn page.


OptIQ simplifies your DevSecOps processes through AI – combining infrastructure provisioning, CI & CD, Built-in Security and Compliance, all in a single panel. Keep tabs on them through their LinkedIn page. provides an AI-assisted DevOps virtual assistant for cloud operations, automating simple and tedious tasks to enhance workflows and boost productivity across businesses. To stay updated about their innovations, you can visit their website.

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